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some girls might not but i like it, it means you like it

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Q: Do girls like it when they are like hugging a guy or something and they feel he has a erection?
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When grinding girls only and the guy gets an erection how do you feel?


Were do girls get an erection?

IF by boner you mean feel sexually aroused then I can help you. The equivalent of a girl getting a boner is her clit "peeking" out that and the erection of her nipples and the heat radiating from her body. Hope that helps.

What do girls think when guys get erections?

Well, i dont know about other girls, but i really like that. When i see my boyfriend's erection after i did something to him, i feel loved and like i accomplished something. My self-confidence goes up) I dont think its funny or anything, im really happy when he gets that. Good luck!)

What did girls wear when they go out?

They wear something that they feel comfortable in or something to impress a guy. They wear something that they feel comfortable in or something to impress a guy.

Why does your nine year old daughter feel uncomfortable hugging her twin sister and older sister?

Because it makes her feel uncomfortable,like it or not she is growing up and hugging does not make her feel grown up

How does a guy feel hugging a girl?

Some of them might feel good, and some of them probably not feel ok.

What does having a tail feel like?

An erection.

How do you have a long erection?

Your erection can last for a while depending on what your are thinking of and your emotions your feeling rigth now. If you feel horny then you will stay erected and if your calm your erection will slowly shorten.

Why do people hug their pillows?

Type your answer here... it makes them feel as if they are hugging someone

Why do you feel stiff and not relaxed all the time?

Because you have an erection.

What does it mean when you dream about a boy who is a friend but never thought of liking him as bf hugging you and your are hugging back and you feel very confused when you wake?

it means you have a very imaginative imagination.

What feelings are behind a hug on the side?

the person is probs to nervous to hug you fully so it is up to you to make them feel comfortable hugging you and you could start by hugging them from the side

How far can you put something in a girls vagina?

till it stops and/or starts to hurt or feel uncomfortable.

What happens when you feel horny?

If your a guy, you will get an erection. And if your a girl you will feel really good and if you rub your vagina a little then you will get wet. Then if you feel up to it. masturbate!

What does it feel like having a erection?

great. but , it makes you think about sex and you feel bad and ambarrased if it happens at school

What does cotton feel like?

it feels like three best friends hugging by a campfire...sigh...

How do you tell you don't like him?

You don't feel those sort of feelings when you with him, you want to get away from him when he tries to kiss your or of the sort, and when he goes to hug you, you don't put all the force or something like that when hugging him back.

Why do guys get erections from kissing?

Guys get erections when they feel good from doing, seeing or experiencing something related to love. if a guy gets an erection when he is kissing a girl it means he probably likes it.

What does a guy do when you tell him you like him?

sometimes he might feel awkward sometimes he might feel the same about you or he might just get an erection

What does it mean when a guy stops hugging you?

he might not like you anymore, doesnt feel good, doesnt feel like giveing a hug, alot of things

What does it mean wean a guy moves closer wean you are hugging you can feel him?

he loves you more than you think

How do boys feel about girls in sports?

They feel like girls cant do anything and they can do everything.

What do girls feel when?

Girls feel real feelings when they understand genuine love towards them

What do you do if your boyfriend gets orther girls numbers?

Ask him about the numbers and why he has them. He should feel comfortable with letting you look at the numbers and communicating with the girls in his phone. If he doesn't let you, then something is up.

Is it OK for girls to have intercourse with other girls?

I feel that our society generally accepts it now. Its how you feel about it.