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Do guinea pigs eat nuts?


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No they can not eat nuts. They can choke and nuts are not a part of there diet.

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no guinea pigs will choke on nuts and get very sick if they dont choke

It can't kill guinea pigs but it is not recommended.

You dont give guinea pigs nuts, it is bad for their stomachs

No, they cannot. Guinea pigs will get sick from any type of nuts, so it's best not to let them eat acorns.

Guinea pigs should not eat the following: dairy iceberg lettuce pomegranate treated grass human food meat nuts

Walnuts are not good for Guinea pigs as they do not digest fatty foods like nuts or seeds well.

Nope the could not but i am pretty sure they can eat raisens

Yes. It is fine to feed them nuts.

No, guinea pigs cannot eat hamster or gerbil food, because they're not hamsters or gerbils. Guinea pigs can eat guinea pig food that doesn't contain any seeds, nuts, grains, milk or coloured bits.

Do not feed guinea pigs green or unripe vegies or fruit but green apples are alright for them, dairy and nuts are not good for them either search on the internet to find out more on what guinea pigs can eat and not

Do not feed your guinea pig nuts. It is one of the things on this list not to feed your guinea pig. See related link below for a list of what guinea pigs can and cannot eat.

no guinea pigs do not eat bread

Dairy products (even though petstores sell yogurt drops they are very bad for guinea pigs.) Nuts.

Guinea pigs should not be given any shelled nuts or peanuts (monkey nuts). Some other foods to avoid feeding these animals are mushrooms, potato skins, and rhubarb.

You eat guinea pigs in Australia, but only dumb people eat guinea pigs

Guinea pigs eat twice a day.

no, guinea pigs dont eat meat.

Yes, they can eat these. They may not prefer nuts. They like the leafy green plants and vegetables.

no. guinea pigs dont eat their young.

No, guinea pigs are vegetarians.

Sometimes only dumb guinea pigs do

NO THEY WILL CHOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the contry where they eat guinea pigs is in PERU

no guinea pigscan not eatrosemary itmakes them sick

No Guinea pigs eat veggies like lettuce.

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