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Do guinea pigs eat their young?

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According to reliable sources, guinea pigs will not normally eat their young. Male fathers can be with their offspring if the mother allows it. This occurs frequently when a male has been neutered after breeding and is being physically separated from mature females (older than 21 days).
Yes they do, it's very uncommon, but I've seen it recently where a female has started eating her babies. I think by looking at a lot of research it's usually when the babies are unhealthy.

Some Guiena Pigs do when there babys are sick the take them out of pain.

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Will daddy guinea pigs eat their young?

no guinea pigs do not eat their young.

Do mother guinea pigs eat baby giunea pigs?

no. guinea pigs dont eat their young.

Do guinea pigseat there on young?

no, guinea pigs dont eat their young.

Do female guinea pigs eat their young?

No, the young wil not be harmed by the parents.

Do guinea pigs eat brussels?

Guinea pigs can eat

What are young guinea pigs called?

Young guinea pigs are called pups.

Can guinea pigs eat bread?

no guinea pigs do not eat bread

Why do guinea pigs have to eat timithy hay?

As it is edible for them and helps wear down their teeth. People feed timothy hay to guinea pigs that aren't pregnant or young as if you give a normal guinea pig alfalfa hay (which is for pregnant guinea pigs and young guinea pigs), it will be too high in calcium (I think) which is bad for them.

Where do you eat guinea pig?

You eat guinea pigs in Australia, but only dumb people eat guinea pigs

What will happien if you hold a baby guinea pig to early?

guinea pigs are not tlike hamsters after a day or too you can hold on hamsters will eat their young but guinea pigs wont

Do males eat baby guniea pigs?

No unlike hamsters, the adults will not harm the young guinea pigs.

Is spinach for guinea pigs?

Great question! Guinea pigs can eat spinach. It is full of vitamins and nutrients a guinea pig needs to develop and grow. Make sure that young guinea pigs eat a lot of spinach because they need the nutrients. I hope this answer helps you!

How often do guinea pigs eat?

Guinea pigs eat twice a day.

are guinea pigs allowed eat peanuts?

no they are not

Do guinea pigs eat quails?

no, guinea pigs dont eat meat.

Can guinea pigs eat ham?

No, guinea pigs are vegetarians.

What country do people eat guinea pigs in?

the contry where they eat guinea pigs is in PERU

Can guinea pigs eat rosemary?

no guinea pigscan not eatrosemary itmakes them sick

Can guinea pigs eat meet?

No, guinea pigs do not eat meat. They are herbivores.

Can Guinea pigs eat insects?

No Guinea pigs eat veggies like lettuce.

Can guinea pigs eat Oreos?

No, guinea pigs should not eat human food.

Do guinea pigs eat their poop?

guinea pigs usually dont eat their poop.

What do they eat in Guinea?

Guinea pigs!

Do pigs get along with guinea pigs?

yes guinea pigs do get along with pigs and they wont eat the guinea pig. does this answer your question?

Can guinea pigs eat chives?

Me and my sister have guinea pigs and they eat chives. Guinea pigs eat lots of things, so you don't need to worry to much.