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no no no

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Q: Do guys like girls with chapped lips?
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Why do guys state at a girls lips?

if we stare at a girls lips, it means that we either like them and they look juicy like we want to kiss you or they are chapped or something and were like uhh ew. i hope i helped

What do chapped lips look like?

Chapped lips look really cracked and like the "skin" cover is pealing off. They get really pale looking. Some times your lips can crack and blood can be seen or tasted.

Why do girls press their lips when they see a guy?

Coming from a girl, I do it because either I am really nervous and dont know what to do, or my lips are chapped.

What do guys like that girls do?

When guys bite their lips & licks their lips, it gives girls a bit of a turn on.

How do you fix your chapped lips ive been using blitstex for a while and their stilled chapped?

i have really chapped lips and i just put chap stick on over night. when i wake up my lips are hardly chapped anymore.

What are the small red bumps on my child's face accompanying extremely chapped lips?

pimples and chapped lips

Do horses get chapped lips?


Do guys find beautiful lips attractive in girls?

some guys

What are the benefits of vaseline?

chapped lips

Do guys like lips?

yes guys do like lips (from women not from men)

Do guys like it better when girls smile with their teeth showing or with their lips?

In my opinion I kinda think they like it when girls smile with their lips . I'm a girl myself and mostly smile with my lips! Maybe they like it with lips , kind of looks for innocent and cool. Coming from a guy, that is exactly what most guys like. it looks kinda cheesy wiht lots of teeth, its okay for a hint of teeth, but lips are like she said "innocent and cool"

It is normal to get chapped lips after getting snakebites?

Im sure it is fine. You might have chapped lips because the lip rings are keeping the moisture from getting to your lips. When i got my lip ring my lips got slightly chapped also but make sure you do not put anything on your lips to heal the chapness. This might cause infection in the lip rings. If your lips get TOO chapped you might want to call the peircer and ask about it.