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Q: Do guys like text messages or phone calls better?
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What are the signs that a guy plays you?

First check his phone if it has a lock on it or check if he has secured messages check also the call register re; missed calls, receive calls,and dialled calls. Most of the guys pretending the number that was save on his mobile are girl names.

What if your girlfriend calls from another guys phone and when i ask her about it she says its a friend but wont tell me who?

Your girlfriend's cheating

Why do guys ignore phone calls?

Either they don't feel like talking to you, or they don't like you. They could be playing videogames, in class, at work, hangin out with the guys, or sleeping.

How do you attract guys by messages?

Guys love to be praised and their ego. In order to attract guys by messages, you should massage their ego and show then how much they mean to you.

Guys not calling or answering phone calls?

He most likely lost interest. :( :( Love Bites..Hope this helpsGood Luck

What is jaden smiths cellphone?

I can't tell u guys but he calls me a lot. And we can't post the phone number (answerd by a GIRL)

What makes guys who are not in a relationship with you feel like it's okay to answer your phone calls and text msgs.?

Why do YOU let other people answer your phone and texts? Work up some independence and tell them not to.

What was the guys name to send messages in mythology?


How do you forget a woman?

First get her off your back, cancel her phone calls, and just go to a club kick it with your guys and try to find a new girlfriend.

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl bro?

He sees you as "one of the guys" but there are definitely guys that call everyone bro. even their girlfriends and wives. So it's better if you just ask him or his friends. Be clear!

Do girls check out guys' cell phones?

The answer depends on the girl. All females do not do all the same things. I know that I have check my boyfriends phone before. I wanted to see who he was talking to, and if he had any sneaky messages. I have no found any, thank goodness. So I guess there are girls out there that check out guys phone, but not ALL do.

Do guys laugh when a girl calls him cutie or do they just like it?

Well the guys I know laugh.

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