Do hippies wear rolled up pants?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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some do

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Q: Do hippies wear rolled up pants?
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Why do some baseballer players wear long pants and some short ones?

The pants usually are not shorter, they are normally the same length, the player just rolled up the legs.

What type of clothing did Hernando de soto wear?

He usually wore pants and his sleeves rolled up and boots. Also he wore a belt w/ a compass or telescope.

Did hippies wear make up?

no They wore blue eye shado!

What did American pioneer men wear?

The men wore long sleeved shirts buttoned all the way up to the neck. Full pants rolled up to the knee and high knee stockings to represent their knickers.

What is a One up and two up trouser?

When the trousers or pants are rolled up once, then's true, I am not lying...

Why do you wear suspenders?

Because Louis Tomlinson does and they help hold up your pants.

What should I wear for 50s day?

wear rolled up jeans, a pony tail, and A pink or white shirt

Why do girls wear belts?

To keep their pants up and style

Why did the firefighter wear red suspenders?

To hold up his pants.

What type of pants did European explorers wear?

The type of pants that European explorers would wear was pull-up animal skin pants. They also wore fur coats and beaver hats.

What kind of wardrobe does Peter Griffin have?

White long sleeve shirt w/ the sleeves rolled up to the elbow and green pants.

What is pants?

"Pants" actually has two different definitions. Pants can be pants that you wear on your legs. Or, pants can mean after you've ran a while you are heavy breathing because your heart has to catch up with how much breath you need.