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Do hornets sting?

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Of course they do, but they are not like bees. Bees lose their stingers when they sting, and then they die. Wasps keep their stingers and stay alive, and are still able to sting later on.

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Can hornets sting more than once?

Yes, hornets can sting more than once.

Can hornets sting?


Are hornets sting alkali or acid?


Do hornets bite or sting hurt?

Why Yes,Yes They Do.

Do hornets die after a sting?

No, only Bees die after because wasps and hornets dont leave there sting behind. Bee stings are acidic and wasp stings are alkaline.

Are hornets and wasps poisonous?

Yes, stinging insects like wasps and hornets inject venom when they sting.

What happens to the bee after it uses its sting?

Hornets and wasps can sting several times, but a honeybee can only sting once- then it dies.

Do hornets sting kids?

yes, they will sting them multiple times cause they will never lose there stinger./

How are hornets helpful?

Hornets are helpful because they feed on other insects that are harmful to agriculture. Hornets will not generally sting unless they feel they are being threatened.

What is the difference of a hornets and honey bees?

hornets are a lot stronger then honey bees and they can sting more than once i think honey bees can only sting once then they die

Will sand hornets sting you while walking by them?

it is possible to get stung, if it is an adult female but smaller males will not sting you.

Do hornets die after they sting someone?

No. Unlike bees, hornets and wasps are able to withdraw their stingers after stinging. This makes it easier to treat the wound, but also that a single creature can sting multiple times.

Do giant hornets sting?

Oh, yes!And it's not a nice experience.

What are hornets attracted to?

Horents are attracted to anything they can sting! Ha Ha

Do large black bees which are in the blue salvia sting?

Most bees are not aggressive. Hornets and wasps are aggressive. If you have hornets, avoid that area or spray them.

Are hornets more dangerous than bees?

Hornets are much bigger and their sting is much more painful than bees. Hornets can also sting more than once because it doesn't detach form its body unlike bees. Hornets tend to be more agressive than bees, but they are much less aggresive in general than wasps.

Can hornets leave a stinger?

No. The hornet's sting is smooth so it has no difficulty withdrawing it.

What are the names of animals that sting?

Bees, wasps, hornets, some ocean rays.

Are green metallic bees dangerous?

all bees hornets are dangerous if you dont know what your doing around them or their nest be careful not to geet stung bees can only sting you once hornets can sting as many times as they like

Do hornets live in england?

Hornets do indeed live in the country of England. They are less aggressive than their American cousins, but still provide a nasty sting.

Why do wasps and hornets sting for no resson?

They do not fly into your face and hair the way bees do, "sudden middle-of-nowhere-for-no-discernible-bleeding-reason they sting

Is there an insect that stings besides bees?

Yes. Wasps and hornets can sting, so can ants.

What animals sting?

scorpions bees spiders hornets wasps ticks millipedes centipedes

What happens when hornets sting you in it's tough to be a bug?

you are poked in the back through the seat

What is a good sentence with the word winged?

These winged hornets can deliver a really nasty sting.

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