Do kangaroos eat nuts?


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In their native habitat, kangaroos do not eat nuts.

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Kangaroos do not eat jellyfish.

No. Kangaroos do not eat flax.

No. Kangaroos do not eat rodents.

No. Kangaroos cannot and do not eat people.

No. There are no species of kangaroos which eat foxes.

No. Kangaroos can definitely not eat chocolate.

No. Kangaroos do not eat fish. Most species are herbivorous.

No. Kangaroos do not eat yucca. Yucca is not native to Australia.

They eat tree because they are tree kangaroos .

Most species of kangaroos do not eat fruit. They are herbivores, feeding on grass and shoots of young trees. There are about ten species of tree kangaroos, however, and tree kangaroos do eat fruit.

Kangaroos in the wild do not eat vegetables. Kangaroos kept in captivity in sanctuaries will sometimes eat vegetables, but they prefer grasses, tree shoots and grains.

Kangaroos do not eat meat. They are herbivores and eat grasses, shoots, leaves and grains.

Matschie's tree kangaroos primarily eat leaves, but they will also eat flowers, fruits, nuts, bark and sap. they have even been known to eat bird eggs, bird chicks and insects.

No. Kangaroos have no adaptations that allow them to eat cactuses, or cacti. There is no species of cactus native to the Australian continent, where kangaroos are found.

Kangaroos should not eat pizza. Kangaroos are strictly herbivores, and pizza would be an unhealthy substitute for their natural diet.

Kangaroos do not eat twigs as they are not the tender vegetation that kangaroos prefer. Individual kangaroos may enjoy chewing on twigs occasionally, but they derive no nutritional value from twigs.

Kangaroos eat for the same reason all other forms of animal life eat: for energy to sustain them.

No. Wolves and kangaroos occupy different continents. No doubt if they occupied the same continent, wolves would indeed eat kangaroos.

Kangaroos do not eat everything. Larger kangaroos are herbivores, feeding on grasses and young tree shoots and leaves.. Smaller species of kangaroos such as musky rat-kangaroos prey on small invertebrates such as earthworms and grasshoppers.

Answer: As larger kangaroos are herbivores they do not eat bugs or insects of any kind. Smaller species of kangaroos such as musky rat-kangaroos prey on small invertebrates such as earthworms and grasshoppers.

Kangaroos eat in grasslands and bushlands, and they like to feed on fresh grass at the side of roads.

Squirrels eat nuts.

No. Red kangaroos are strictly herbivorous.

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