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Do kids lose their jaw teeth?


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yes they can (if they eat to much junk food)


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Most kids lose their wisdom teeth around the age of 16

About 4-6 depending if their brushing there teeth regularly

An adult cat with all its teeth will have 30 teeth, 16 in its upper jaw and 14 in its lower jaw. Many cats have teeth extracted, however, due to tooth decay, and many will lose teeth for other reasons.

there are 30 teeth in a tigers jaw

Children will have to lose 20 teeth. 10 upper teeth and 10 lower teeth. All are replaced by permanent teeth . In addition to these 20, adults will have 6 molars in each jaw , thus making a full complement of 32 teeth.

well about 15 - 20 but it depends as some kids have more A child will lose all their milk teeth (also known as deciduous teeth), therefore they will lose 20 teeth

Depends on the size of your jaw and the size of your teeth. I didn't have to lose any, a friend of mine had her canines pulled.

Maybe, maybe not. kids grow and lose teeth. Answer... A child normally has 20 milk teeth. See related link...

In most species of frogs there are not teeth on the lower jaw. They have only teeth on their top maxilla. However, there is one species that does have them on their lower jaw but it is a rare species, Amphingnathodon. This species has teeth on the lower jaw.

They loose all of their teeth than they becom adults teeth idn how many though

The teeth along the jaw of a frog are known as the maxillary teeth which are used for holding prey.

It doesn't matter. All kids lose teeth at different ages. Some lose them all quickly, while others never do lose all of their baby teeth. It just depends on the child.

Milk teeth are temporary because as the jaw grows we need bigger teeth to last a lifetime. Kids permanent teeth usually look big because their face still needs to grow.

When your top jaw is over your bottom jaw, it is called an overbite. When your top jaw is behind the bottom jaw that is called and under-bite. For a human the normal is to have a 2 centimeter overbite, a little more with dogs.

cancer, just like everything else in the world. but seriously you can lose your teeth and jaw lol no joke

Normally buffaloes will have front teeth in the lower jaw. The upper jaw consists of gums instead of teeth in the front part.

Kids are supposed to lose 20 teeth. Later they will have wisdom teeth grow in. Girls loose teeth faster than boys do, averagely..Adults are supposed to have 32 teeth.You get your Wisdom teeth at the very back when you are around the age of 20.Children lose 20 baby teeth over several years. These teeth are replaced by 32 adult teeth. Four of these teeth are the wisdom teeth which are often removed during early-adulthood.Twenty; 8 premolars, 8 incisors and 4 canines.

Becouse there is a nerve in the middle of your jaw that makes you lose conciouseness if ruptured

there are about 42 teeth in a full adult set unless they lose some. There are 20 teeth in the top jaw, (six incisors, two canine, eight premolars, and four molars), and 22 in the lower jaw, (six incisors, two canine, eight premolars, and six molars).

Your teeth and upper jaw stop growing when, the cows come home for dinner

Google Image search- LIONS TEETH AND JAW you'll be amazed!

yes you lose your entire set of baby teeth which are replaced by adult teeth that will not be replaced if lost later in life

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