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Yes, they do!
I was swimming in a fresh water reservoir in NW Spain, when something bit my thigh. I saw what I thought was a brown fish, about 8 inches long attached to my leg. I quickly brushed it off, but it came back for another bite! I've never swam so fast!! When I looked at my leg later I had a red round mark with definite tooth marks. It could only have been a lamprey.


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They're called LAMPREYS!!

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No, lampreys are not dangerous. Though you may see people coming out of lakes or freshwater ponds with them attached to their body, it does not harm you. Sometimes lampreys attach to objects to fight the current, it is not sucking out your blood. I imagine that humans don't taste very good to lampreys as they suck the blood of FISH. Not humans. Though I do have to say they look pretty scary... hope this helped!

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No, lampreys are a cartilaginous fish, and being made of cartilage, they have no bones.

I found 3 different kinds:Petromyzon marinus - Sea LampreyBrook lampreys (Lampetra planeri)River lampreys (Lampetra fluvitilis)

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