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Not particularly but with the exception of gold.

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What do leprechauns smell like?

There's no such thing as real leprechauns, therefore, they do not smell like anything. They are a completely made up fictional nonexistent imaginary non- being.

Do leprechauns like rocks?

Leprechauns arent real.......

Why do leprechauns like shiny things?

Shiny things remind leprechauns of gold according to legend.in reality, there are no leprechauns.

Do leprechauns like people?

kind of leprechauns aren't afraid of people they just don't like them.

What do leprechauns sound like?

Leprechauns are invariably imagined to speak with an Irish accent.

Do leprechauns believe in bad luck?

lol, since leprechauns aren't real then you can make them believe in anything you want to now can't you?

Where do leprechauns like to hide there gold?

Leprechauns love to hide their gold at the end of rainbows.

What do leprechauns like in your house?

Leprechauns like the warmth in your house and love all the sweets supplies especially lucky charms!

How did leprechauns come into existence?

Leprechauns aren't real they are mythical creatures like Gremlins and Vampires

What do leprechauns don't like?

They dont like humans.....

Do leprechauns like chocolate?

Yes they like choclate, I think.

What things leprechauns like?

they like gold, silver, and yellow

What do you put in a leprechauns trap?

If they even exist, put some money in there. Leprechauns like money and shiny things.

What are leprechauns attracted to?

Leprechauns like green, shamrocks, glitter or shiny stuff. Lucky Charms and apples and money.

Is gold sparkly?

It depends if you want it sparkly you can get it sparkly but you can also get a plain gold.

What are the myths about leprechauns?

they are fake people who like gold

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