Do lobsters feel pain

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It is not fully known. The lobster nervous system is decentralized, having a brain and a series of ganglia, and has even less neurons than even that of an ant. However, they also possess endogenous opioids.

In 2009 and 2013, Elwood et al had demonstrated that crabs (who are considered Decapods, along with lobsters and shrimp) can learn to associate electric shocks with an unrelated cue. In the 2009 study, hermit crabs that were shocked when entering one shell often forfeited the shell. In the 2013 trial, crabs were shocked when entering a dark shelter (in which they preferred), and many of the crabs escaped and did not return after being shocked. This demonstrates that they are able to learn to avoid electric shocks. However, trials on lobsters have not been conducted.

All being said, this is still not 100% proof that they feel pain, at least like we do. It is still better to give them the benefit of the doubt and destroy their nervous system quickly, or to refrain from eating them on the next meal.

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Q: Do lobsters feel pain
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If they aren't dead, yes they feel pain.

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While past research concluded that lobsters cannot feel pain since they do not have a neocortex, current research suggests that lobsters do indeed feel pain. You can read the article here:

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They do respond to "negative stimuli", but it is heavily unlikely that they feel pain the way we do.

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No, they don't fell a thing.

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Yes, but it is very different from the humans brain because it does not feel pain.

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Live lobsters do not squeal before going into the pot to cook. Lobsters do not make any noise. They do not have vocal cords. Studies have shown that lobsters do not feel pain.

Whats an interesting fact about lobsters?

Lobsters have no brain and are not capable of feeling pain, lobsters are considered insects.

Do lobsters have a nervous system?

Lobsters do indeed have a nervous system, however like insects, they do not percive pain.

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Yes, and the ability to feel pain. (That doesn't mean they have long term memory, anticipation or emotions like birds and mammals). See:

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