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Do magnets have a north pole and a south pole?


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Yes, all magnets have an equal number of north poles and south poles. If they have one north pole they have one south pole, if they have two north poles they have two south poles, etc.

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Magnets have a south and a north pole.

All magnets have two poles. A north and a south one. The north pole of one magnet when brought close to the south pole of an another magnet or the south pole of a magnet when brought close to the north pole of an another magnet, the two magnets attract each other (try to be closer) . Conversely if the north pole is brought close to another north pole or the south pole is brought close to another south pole, the two magnets try to repel (try to go apart).

Magnets have 2 different sides called North pole and South pole. If a north pole is attracted to another north pole they will repelel same with a south and a south pole.

No they attract. The North Pole Magnet repels to another North Pole Magnet. its the same with the south pole magnets

Yes a magnet has a north pole and a south pole. Magnets generate a magnetic field that "flows" in one direction. To make it easy to understand how two magnets interact, scientists and physicists assign names of "North" and "South" to the opposite ends of the magnet. Some magnets can reverse direction.

Yes. All magnets of north and south poles. There is no such thing as a magnetic monopole.

Magnets have two poles, these poles are called the North pole and the South pole. The North pole is the side of the magnet that points to the Earth's North pole when freely suspended.

Apart from the earth, all magnets have a north and south pole.

Same as how the North Pole and South Pole works.

north seeking pole, south seeking pole

If you're talking magnets, then yes. is north-seeking (north pole) and one is south-seeking (south pole).

Modern magnets are made from alloys of Al, Ni, Fe, and Co. Magnets have a north pole and a south pole. The magnetic lines of force on a magnet originate at the north pole and end at the south pole.

Magnets line up with the Earth's north and south poles because opposite magnetic poles are attracted to each other. The magnet's north pole is attracted to the Earth's south pole, and the magnet's south pole is attracted to the Earth's north pole. It is traditional to put an arrow pointing to the magnet's south pole, which will point north.

No they do not. Only a north pole and a south pole of a magnet attract.

Magnet does not stick to the opposite of the magnet because one side of the magnet is called south pole and another side is called north pole .And south pole is suppose to stick north to north and south to South

Yes,every magnet has a north pole and a south pole.IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE SOUTH AND THE NORTH POLES :If you have a magnet and you make a line exactly in the middle you will see that one side is the north pole and the other one is a south pole . You can even experiment this : when you are done drawing a line cut your magnet by that line . Do you think that you will have two magnets and one of them is south pole and the other one is the north pole . Well no !!!!!! You will have two magnets but both of them have south and north poles.Now:Remember , you know this magnets attach to each other .But north pole and an other north pole will never attach to each other.And the same thing goes for the south poles. Two south poles will never atach.Only two different poles will attach to each other ( north and south will attach, and south and north will attach to each other as well).ALL magnets have one north pole and one south pole.

to atrac if there is the north and the south pole and to repeal if there is north and north pole it will repeal and if there is souht and shouth pole it will repeal

Its called South Pole and North Pole but when you put north pole to north pole it will push away from each other same when you put south pole to south pole it will push away.

A North Seeking Pole (north pole) South Seeking Pole (south pole) if a magnet is suspended in mid air, it will always have it's north pole facing up they also have a magnetic field.

because there is north pole and south pole it could repel if there is north pole with north pole

Because magnets are oriented to the poles of the earth. Left to orient themselves the North on a magnet will point to the North Pole if the earth and the South to the South Pole.

Use a compass. It will point to a magnet's south pole.

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