Do male and female flamingos look different from one another?

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No, you can't. Some animals look different, and some don't. They look the same. The only way to tell between a female flamingo, and male flamingo is by... I f you happen to see a flamingo sitting on a nest, or sitting on its egg, then that is a female flamingo. Maybe male flamingos have black marks, and others with no black marks might be hopefully be females.
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How does the rear end of a female cat look different from that of a male cat?

Answer . Both male and female kittens have two openings in the anal area. They are closer together in the female. The one closest to the tail in both sexes is the anus. In a female, the vulva is a vertical slit almost joined to the anus like an upside down exclamation mark. In a male, the tip of ( Full Answer )

How do female and male king-snakes look different?

It is extremely difficult to tell the difference between male and female kings snakes by their looks. Even experienced handlers will tell you that the only way to be 100% accurate when sexing them is to get them probed or popped by someone who knows what they are doing.

Female and male seals are different in that?

The greatest difference is in size. The male elephant seal can be three to four times the size of the females. Also the males elephant seal has a conspicuous nasal wattle while the female has none. Other difference are apparent in other species of seals but that can be somebody else's turn.

How are male and female porcupines different?

Porcupines are large rodents that breed annually. Male porcupinesare aggressive and vocalize aloud while female porcupines areapproachable to the male.

What is the difference in male and female lacrosse?

Males are allowed to check and females can't. Also females cradle across the body and males cradle up by the head. The males also have different strung sticks the females Actually the only difference is that men can hit and women can't but that's not say women don't hit cause it happens. Women ( Full Answer )

Does a male toucan look different from a female toucan?

Actually it depends on the toucan species. With most species the males and females have the same coloration, however it may still be possible to visually sex some despite this. Emerald toucanets for example have the same coloration regardless of gender, but there's some differences in size, and prop ( Full Answer )

How do female fish look different from male fish?

It all depends on the species. The females could be.. -bigger or smaller -colorful or bland -long fins or short fins -more or less aggressive -fatter or more slender -have different colors Sometimes it's hard to tell...

What is the difference in looks for male and female chucker quail?

As in most bird species, the male is more brightly colored, while the female is drab, nesting security. A male chuckar will have a black mask if he is mature.. As in most bird species, the male is more brightly colored, while the female is drab, nesting security. A male chuckar will have a black ma ( Full Answer )

Why your husbands looks at another female?

Sweetheart, so long as he only looks, you have nothing to worry about. Men will be men and will always look.. Here's a line to make you smile, My Husband doesn't have wandering eyes, his eyes run marathons. ;)

How are female and male turkey different?

How do you tell the HENS from the TOMS? . Once they mature, the toms are larger and have longer legs. . Toms grow a beard (long black feathers) in the middle of the chest (breast). Very few hens grow a beard. . A male turkey's head and wattle (growth under the chin) is larger. . The tom's sno ( Full Answer )

What is one difference between male and female deers?

In most species of deer, only the male grows a yearly set of antlers, while the females have only stubs. However, "reindeer" (caribou), like the moose, occupy their own genus of the deer family and both genders have antlers.. In the Scandinavian variety, older males lose their antlers earlier than ( Full Answer )

How are male and Female penguins different?

-Clothes: Clothes are the biggest difference in CP, boys wear boy clothes and girls wear girl thing that does creep me out is when a boy or girl dresses up in the other genders clothing.

Is it true that you can tell the difference between a male and a female bee by looking at their stinger?

Sort of. A male bee (drone) doesn't have a sting. But in any case a female bee's sting is not easy to see unless she has it extended for stinging. For honey bees, a better way is just to look at the bee itself. A drone has a wider body than a worker (all workers are female) and has a fairly square ( Full Answer )

Who looks after the babies the female or the male?

that depends on a number of factors. in the case of many animals this is done by both the male and the female, Human being are in a position to share this responsibility especially these days when both the the man and the woman also often share the responsibilities involved in being part of the work ( Full Answer )

How does the female goldfish look different from the male?

There is no obvious visible difference between the sexes of goldfish except when they are ready to breed. At this time, the males develop white spots on their gill plates and sometimes on their pectoral fins too. The females just get a chubbier tummy than usual.

Is there a difference between a male bumble bee and a female one?

There are actually three castes of bumble bee: queen, drone and worker. The queen is the largest of the three, about 30 to 50 per cent larger than the drones and workers. The drones are the males, and the workers are all sterile females.

Why do rocks look different from one and another?

Rocks look different from one another because of the arrangementand the types of particles that compose them. Rocks are classifiedinto three, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.

What is the larynx different in males and females?

The larynx in males is larger than in females. Both have far more overtones than does the larynx of a child. The male's larynx produces lower notes than the females. While women and children produce sound in the same range their larynxes produce a different type of sound. The sound a female makes is ( Full Answer )

Why do females and males have different underwear?

Females and males have different underwear to reflect the differences in anatomy. Most men's briefs allow a little more room in front to accommodate a penis and testicles, whereas women, who do not have either, need a little more room for wider hips on the sides of their underwear. Underwear OS one ( Full Answer )

Do the rabbits males and females species look alike or different?

They look pretty much the same. Does will usually get a bit larger and have a dewlap (fold of skin under their chin that they pull fur out of to line their nests for the babies), bucks may have a broader head and appear to have a shorter stockier body.

Are male and female different colors?

Yes the a male and female budgie have different colours. The male is a bluey colour and the female is a browny colour. So you can defiantly tell the difference.

What to look for to tell the difference betwwen male and female weed plants?

Marijuana plants start showing their sex after a couple of weeks into the flowering stage, usually. You will see small preflowers growing by the nodes of the plant. Here's a good picture: The male plant's preflowers (sex) will cons ( Full Answer )

How are a female and a male koala different?

Female koalas are smaller than the male, and they have a pouch. Mature males can have a brownish stain on their chest, the result of their scent gland.

What is the difference in male and female peacock?

Among Peafowl, a male is a Peacock, and a female is a Peahen. This is a sexual and nominative difference. The cock is flamboyantly plumed; the hen is less so. There is usually a size difference as well.

Do the male and female spiders look different?

Yes. Spiders have eight legs and two more, shorter, limbs at the very fronts of their bodies that are called "pedipalps." They are used the way we use our arms. However, male spiders use their pedipalps to impregnate their mates. The male pedipalp functions like a biological syringe. The male makes ( Full Answer )

How do gametes differ in males and females?

In humans, the female gamete, the egg, is larger and singular (i.e. there is usually only one released at at time). The male gamete, the sperm, is relatively tiny and produced in the millions.