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only the female lions ...

Well there is your answer !!

In the herd of lions there is one dominant male and the rest are females, the females only mate with the dominant male of the herd, hope this was helpful!

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How do lions find a mate?

the male rubs on trees and to show he wants to mate or he will smell where a female has been

How do lions make babies?

Lions make babies the same all mammals do, a male and female get together and mate.

When do mountain lions mate?

Mountain lions will typically breed during December through March; however, mountain lions are multi-seasonal breeders and have been known to mate at anytime of the year.Mountain lions mate year round. One female will have a litter of cubs about once every two years. A male can mate once he is three years old; a female can mate once she is two and a half years old.

How many male and female lions are there in a pride?

Normally 1-2 male lions, and 5-6 female lions

What happens after male and female bettas mate?

after they mate the female slides up the male while the male wraps her and the eggs come out of the female.

Why do male lions kill other male lions?

male lions kill other male lions to proctect their pride or to get a pride. if the current leader of the pride is defeated the other male kills the cubs (baby lions) so that the female lions will mate with him.but it is quite rare for them to fight to the death usaully the current leader or the challenger will give up before one of them dies.

What are differences between genders on selecting a mate?

it doesnt matter if you are a female and you want a female mate you can have a girlfriend when your a girl. if you want a male and you are a female then you can choose a male it doesnt matter if you are a female and you want a female mate you can have a girlfriend when your a girl. if you want a male and you are a female then you can choose a male

Do male and female lions look different?

Yes, male lions have manes.

Can i have a neutered male and female boxer or will they try to mate anyway?

You can have a neutered male and female boxer without worrying that they will try to mate. The dogs will not mate if the male is neutered.

How are lions made?

Lions are made from the reproduction of male and female lions.

Can a fixed male cat mate with a female in heat?

No, a fixed male cat cannot mate with a female in heat. However, it is not unheard of for a male to try and mount a female in heat regardless, as the the smell of the female will trigger the instinct to mate - even though the male cat cannot mate and impregnate her.

Are male lions different from female lions?

Male lions are different from female because male ones are a lot larger and they have hair around the head but female lions don't. Female lions are also referred to as "lionesses". Also, female lions do most of the hunting in the pride. While the lionesses hunt, the male lions stay near and watch over the cubs. Male lions are also known for being the leaders of the pride. The leader is the one who challenges and fights other male lions from other prides. In a pride, there is a lot more females than males also.

Do lions reproduces sexually or asexually?

Lions reproduce sexually. However, female lions do not ovulate in a "cycle," like most female mammals. In order for a lioness to ovulate, she must mate with a male quite a few times before she begins the ovulation process.

Can female cats mate with other females?

No, to mate there needs to be a female and male involved

What are female and male sea lions called?

i think its the male is lion and the female is lioness

How could you describe a female lion?

Female lions look very similar to their male counterparts, however they do not have the long mane male lions are famous for. Female lions hunt in packs and protect the young.

Are any lions female?

Yes, the lionesses are the females. Lions are male.

Is giraffe male or female?

Giraffes can be male or female. this is how they mate, and keep the species going

Can your male betta mate with all your female betta?

If they are not too old and the female is ready, then they will mate.

How does a female moth attract a mate?

The female moth releases a pheromone when she is ready to mate that can be detected by male moths up to a mile away. The female moth will only mate with the male that reaches her first.

Adult male dog mate with young male dog?

no, only male and female dogs can mate. and they can't mate until they are fully grown.

Are there only female lions in a pride?

No. A pride consists of one or at the most two male lions and a number of female lions and cubs.

How do lions court one or another by reproducing?

Lions dont have to court one another. When females lions come to heat, the male lions that head the pride get the privilege to mate with them. Only the male leader of the pride can mate with the females of the pride and nobody else. By virtue of being the pride leader, the male lion gets the opportunity to mate with all the females in the group

Do female lions or male lions do the hunting?

From my understanding they both do. But the male lions move the pride to the animal on which they disire to eat.

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