Do meggie and mo die in Inkdeath?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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No, they both survive and there is an "afterward" where it tells the story of what happens after.

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Q: Do meggie and mo die in Inkdeath?
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Does Meggie die in Inkdeath?

No...meggie does not die in inkdeath.

How old was Meggie in Inkdeath?

she lives with Elinor, Mo, Resa and her new baby brother in the inheart world. the end

Does meggie marry Doria in inkdeath?

They don't have the wedding in InkDeath but yes, they do get married when they are older.Farid do love and kiss Meggie in InkSpell and yes he did say Meggie was his in InkSpell

Does meggie and her family escape the book in inkdeath?

Meggie and her family decide to stay in the book at the end of Inkdeath.

What is the name of Meggie's brother in Inkdeath?

He has no name, it was not mentioned in the books.

What is Meggie's weakness in Inkdeath?

im not sure because im still reading the book but i think it might be her dad Mo

Does doria like meggie?

in the back of Inkdeath there is an A-Z of the inkworld, and its says under Doria's name that he is in love with Meggie.

Will anything come between Farid and Meggie in Inkdeath?

yes, Meggie falls in love witch a boy in Inkworld named Doria

Would Farid and Meggie still like each other in Inkdeath?

yes i belive they will.

When and where does inkdeath take place?

I don't have a clue why you want a spoiler, but Mo gets killed and meets death. He makes a deal with him about killing Adderhead in exchange for his life back. The thing that really annoyed me was that Meggie and Farid got together, split up, and by the end of the book they still weren't back together!

Who is Doria in Inkdeath?

Doria is the youngest person in the robbers camp and he has a stiff hand, but he's in love with Meggie. Once Meggie get's 2 know him, she starts to fall in love with him 2.

What did meggie folchart call her father in Inkheart trilogy?

Meggie called her father Mo