Do men like tall women?

Yes some men do like tall women and some even marry them (my best friend's sister-in-law is much taller than his brother, who is the husband). However, statistics show that shorter woman have a slightly better chance of a relationship.


Statistically women are shorter than men. Naturally that means a tendency for couples to reflect this reality. Men, on the whole, have less of an issue with dating a taller woman, although taller women feel more attracted to taller men. Broad shoulders are equally as masculine as height. So is genuine confidence and attitude.


My husband is 6cm shorter than me.

Many short men have a complex about their height. Their subsequent need to compensate for this perceived 'floor' is what, ironically, ends up highlighting their insecurities. And this inevitably ends up repelling some women away and confirming their inadequacy.

My man is my man because he doesn't doubt that he is!


Yes. Of course they do. The only issue that may arise physically regarding men and looking at women is weight. Some men won't date an overweight woman, while most women never date short (or shorter) men. A bit of a double standard, but it is what it is.