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Do men prefer skinny or curvy women?


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It is entirely a matter of preference. Many men prefer thinner women; many men prefer curvy women.


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Different men prefer different women the same as different women prefer different men.

Guys don't prefer skinny girls! They prefer medium women who are more worried about having fun and interacting with us than slapping on make-up and losing weight! It's not healthy and it annoys men when women say 'I'm so fat' (when they are blatently not) and then when we say 'no, really, your not' they think were just feeling sorry for them and were lying. However i believe men don't like women who are too big, it shows laziness (sorry if i offend) and negligence. So, NO men don't prefer 'skinny' girls!

All men are different, and we all have different preferences, so it's not entirely useful to ask if "guys" like thin girls or curvy girls. There's probably a bell-shaped "normal distribution" curve of preferences, with a few men preferring very skinny stick-like women, and a few liking very plump women, while the majority is spread over a curve of varying shapes. Personally, I like curvy women in general, but the only one I _REALLY_ prefer is the woman I'm married to right now - and I'd prefer her even if she gained or lost a lot of weight.

49% Women prefer men that are slim. More women want men with a nice body instead of just being skinny. 51% women like men with nice bodys although some women like mean that are heavy. -Maddiexlove64

they believe that curvy women are more beautiful. i also think it is because it shows a sign of wealth, being able to afford great amounts of food.

A woman's preference in men is her personal choice. Some women may prefer black men, some may prefer white men, some may prefer no men.

muscle for men and curvy for women pworr with being a guy i love the toned curvy women they are the fittest' sexist and hottest women on the planet ever no other woman can touch them muscle women Bah no way but curvy pworr.

Not all men like skinny women. Some men like women with a little bit of meat in them. Most men Like women With a little, or some meat on them. If you are to skinny that is a bad sign, plus men don't seem to like it as much when women are too skinny. Hell! I have a brother that if a woman don't weight 300 lbs he's not interested

Some young men prefer older women, others do not. The ones that prefer older women like women who are easier to get to know and closer to.

Not every woman is the same. Some women prefer older men, some prefer younger men and some don't have a preference!

The answer to this is purely subjective since it will change from person to person. What men prefer in regards to a woman's physical appearance varies significantly from man to man. Some men love blondes, and some adore brunettes! Some are very attracted to skinny girls, while other guys love a woman with some curves!

men were buffer and women were skinny because men got more stuff

men in their thirties prefer anyone who he is atracted to and is willing to be intimate.

No, they prefer women and not men dressing and living like women.

Some bisexual men may prefer men over women. Some bisexual men may prefer women over men. Some may also shift over time. Others may look at the person's personality or other factors, rather than the gender.

MEN as long the women is in the kitchen making it

Men want whatever their preference is and that can be any woman of any size, shape, height, or weight.

Some do some don't. We don't like heavy women, we like curves something to touch or grab on. It's a big no no to skinny women like in Europe. We prefer a full figure women than other type.

They don't..Most men like women to be medium, but not too large, or too skinny..

90% of women prefer men who are tall,fair and with a six pack abs... 10% of the prefer normal men

They might be more open to the idea of a bigger women then other men. but They def wouldn't rule out a skinny or more bigger woman.

Many men prefer fat women and find them sexy.

He most definitely prefers women !

because we just like messing with women

Some women do, some women don't. It's impossible to generalize.

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