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Sure, because they are not inside the oven itself and pose no problems.

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Q: Do microwave ovens use steel nuts and bolts?
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What is steel made into?

Steel is made into many things such as Nuts, Bolts, Steel Poles and many types of other steel stuff

Can bolt's and nuts be made of tool steel?

Yes but it would depend on the application of the nuts and bolts if they would function safely. You can even make nuts and bolts from wood if the application allows it.

What are the main uses for mild steel?

nails, screws, nuts and bolts and car bodies

Where Low Carbon steel may be used?

screws nuts and bolts and car bodies

What is the other half of the phrase nuts and?

Nuts and bolts.

What kind of metal is in an alternator?

The case--aluminum The rotor--steel The windings (field and armature)--copper The shaft--steel The bearings (bushings)--phosphor bronze The fasteners (bolts, screws, nuts)--steel The pulley--steel

What materials is the Howrah bridge made of?

The Howrah bridge in India is made of steel and is riveted, rather than having nuts and bolts in its construction. It is a cantilever, floating bridge.

What is the chemical composition of IS 1364 steel?

IS1364 is a stanadard for hexagonal head bolts,nuts & scerws.Kala kauva kate aisa standard

What is nuts and bolts a solid a liquid or a gas?

Nuts and bolts are solid cylinders with the head. Many companies manufacture nuts and bolts for supplying to other industrial firms. In every construction and industrial work, nuts and bolts are usable. To get more detail about the process and to make deal with a reputed company, contact Mig Enterprises, Fasteners Supplier Sydney.

What is the method of separation for nuts and bolts?

Magnetic separation

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In several places actually. Fasteners - screws, nuts and bolts - are usually steel. Wheel axles, freewheel mechanisms, brake parts tend to be steel. Aluminium forks may have steel steerers. Bearings tends to use steel.

What is astm a234 wpc?

ASTM is the exact chemical composition of metals. ASTM a 234 WPC is a grade of stainless steel and it is often in the form of nuts or bolts.