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Not necessarily -- but you should be honest if asked because it may have an impact on your ability to get a security clearance in the future.

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Q: Do military recruiters look into your school records for expulsions?
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How can you get the military to speak at your school?

If you live near a military installation, call the base operator and they will direct you to the Public Affairs office. If there isn't a base/post near by, contact the local Military Recruiters office and they will help. Phone numbers can be found in the BLUE pages of your phone book. There are military recruiters from all branches generally (90%+) within 100 miles of every location. Regardless of if you are near an installation or not, military recruiters are trained and qualified to talk to school classes, especially those nearing military age (High School, primarily Juniors and Seniors).

What are ways the military can get men for service?

They recruit. At my high school, local army, navy, etc. recruiters will sit outside our cafeteria during lunch talking to people and telling them more about the military.

What are the startegies a military recrutier will follow to recruit a person into military?

Many recruiters will state the benefits upfront and walk the canidate through each of the rewards. Another way is to canvas high school seniors or others who may be at the start of their adult lives. Military recruiters will often stretch the truth to recruit a person into the military (but never lie). They may exaggerate your chances of getting sent to what base you want, or your chances of getting what job you want.

How do you know if a military school for a boy has a good safety record?

Safety records for schools are a matte of public record the schools can and will show you there records

Where can you receive your ASVAB score military recruit or old high school I'm not part of the military and I finished high school?

It's in your military records, or you can go to AKO, or contact the recruitment office that took you to MEPPS.

Why high school student shouldn't be recruited by the military?

There is no reason realistically why a High School students should not be recruited for the military. High School seniors are the primary market for the military, colleges and the civilian job force. Under the "No Child Left Behind Act" signed by Former President Clinton it states that every public High School that receives either State or Federal Funding that they must allow College Recruiters and Military Recruiters on campus or the opportunity to speak with the students by either allowing them to conduct a presentation at the school or by releasing a list of students names and contact numbers or address's. Now it is up to the school on what information that they release but it has to be (by federal law) two of the following: Name, Address, Phone Number, Date of Birth, Educational Status. If a school alone declines to release that information to the Military they must decline to release that information to colleges, just as if a student or their parents signs the Information Op-Out form sent home by the schools, parents are opting out of release of their child's information being sent to both colleges and the military. If for some reason the High School denies access to the school by either releasing a High School list or by denying access to the campus the school could possibly lose any State or Federal Funding that they do receive. The whole purpose of Military Recruiters attending High Schools is one to find and locate those who have the intentions of enlisting while in High School and to disseminate information to those who may consider the military as an option after they have completed high school.

Do you think that it is a good idea for air force recruiters to be on high school campuses?

In my opinion, that is a bad idea. I feel that joining the military is a personal decision that a person should come to on their own and then seek out information if that is what they truly want to do.

What is a qualification all army recruiters must have?

All army recruiters must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent.

What does it mean if a school is not accredited?

If a school is not accredited, it means that the degree you obtain may not be recognized by employers and recruiters. It typically means that the school is considered a "brick and mortar" school.

what is private military school?

The difference between a regular military school and private military school is that a private military school is more expensive than a regular military school.

Why is Military School important?

The difference between a regular military school and private military school is that a private military school is more expensive than a regular military school.

My son and my nephew are interested in joining the military (no particular branch). Neither has graduated from high school. Can you help with the GED and enistment?

They should contact the local high schools to see if they offer GED courses and exams. Military recruiters in your area area easily found online, depending on which branch they wish to enlist in.