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No, they don't, aswell as them looking quite silly, there is a reason for this; The reason being that they have some protection through the stage of them re-developing their antlers.

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Q: Do moose lose both their antlers the same day?
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Are all moose antlers the same?

no, like snowflakes, no two antlers are the same

Is moose a plural?

The plural form for the noun moose is moose. The singular and the plural possessive form are also the same: moose's.EXAMPLES:A moose's antlers was spotted in the tall brush.We saw a group of moose's tracks in the road.

What is the different about the antlers of a caribou and a moose?

A moose is a large animal, about the same size as a horse. Moose feed on aquatic life in ponds, so they have long necks with a scruffy beard that hangs from the front of the neck (on both male and female) moose. Moose are usually a dark brown color. Male moose have small antlers that eventually grow in paddle shapes. These paddles can grow to be over 50 inches wide. Moose antlers fall off before winter, and female moose don't have antlers. Caribou are somewhere in size between deer and elk. Large caribou tend to be about the size of elk, while young caribou are barely bigger than deer. Caribou are light brown, with white patches on their necks and buttocks. Male and female caribou both grow small antlers when they are young. Older male caribou grow very large, high antlers with a lot of branches. Older female caribou grow modest antlers.

Is a moose a large deer?

No, they are different species. Moose are larger and have shovel like antlers. Deer tend to be smaller and have multipronged branching antlers Actually moose share the same Family as deer, being Cervidae, and consequently are considered to be the largest member of the deer family in the world, despite the difference in species name from other true deer like White-tail and Mule deer. So yes, moose can be considered a "large deer," though not literally so, because they are not "true deer."

How are deer and a elk the same?

the only thing similar about deer and moose are they both have antelors

What is the singular and plural possessive of moose?

Moose is one of the words in English that the singular and the plural are the same word.Examples:A moose was standing near the edge of the trees. (singular)Two moose were standing near the edge of the trees. (plural)

Why do deer have antlers?

Bucks use antlers as a means to show other bucks they are stronger and bigger than them, and use them to attract does to mate. Deer are not the only species to have antlers; moose, elk, reindeer and caribou also have antlers that are grown and used in the same way. Pronghorns, though not a part of the deer species, also regrow their "antlers" (actually called horns) every show that they are a male and to defend them self.

How are moose and goose the same?

They rhyme, and they both make loud noises.

What are longer the front or the back legs of a moose?

they r both the same length, otherwise the moose would walk crooked

What animal has the same spelling plural and singular?

Deer, sheep, moose, salmon, and trout are both plural and singular nouns.

Could a moose kill a deer?

Yes, because a moose has those powerful antlers/hooves that can easily kill a deer with them. A moose is also quite bigger than a deer, which makes it get a better fighting advantage over the deer.Answer 2:It could, but fights between these two species are extremely rare, let alone nonexistant because they are both herbivorous animals and are not competing for the same food source, unlike what would happen between one carnivore and another.

How much did the Irish elk weigh?

Irish elk are matched to weigh about the same as today's moose. This means that the Irish elk (excluding the ~88 lb antlers) likely weighed around 1400 to 1600 lbs.