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sometimes it depends on the kind of skunk

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Placing moth balls around your garden is a good way to keep skunks away. The smell from the moth balls will repel them and keep away from your garden. Make sure if you have children, that you keep them away from the moth balls, as ingesting them can be harmful.

No. moth balls only keep moths away. try again...

Yes, moth balls are known to keep wasps away. In fact, moth balls can be used to keep practically any insect away from important fabrics and materials.

Moth balls can keep bees away. Cut the feet of an old pantyhose and place a few moth balls inside. Hang them in a place where bees are not welcome.

Moth balls are POISONOUS to cats! Bad idea!

Moth balls will not kill anything. Moth balls will simply keep spiders and moths away from the area where they are placed.

Yes, moth balls will keep birds away. Moth balls are good for keeping any types of unwanted animals away from certain areas. The animals do not like the smell of moth balls.

Camphor balls and moth balls are the same thing. They are both used to in storage areas to keep away moths.

Moth balls are made of naphthalene, a compound that contains hydrogen and carbon atoms. They are used to keep away moths.

Spreading mothballs around an area will keep skunks away. They can be spread around a home, porch, or even garden.

no.i don't think so...................

No, there is virtually nothing that will repel raccoons.

No, moth balls do not keep bed bugs away. Someone can purchase sticky leg bands for furniture to trap bed bugs. The only way to keep bed bugs away is to prevent them by regularly cleaning fabric surfaces.

No. Unfortunately the moth balls will keep the bees out as well!

One way to get rid of frogs around pools is to put moth balls down. The moth balls do have an odor but it will keep the frogs away.

it repeals tghe spiders, but wont kill them.

No. Moth ball don't kill moths, they just don't like the smell so they keep away.

There is anecdotal evidence that moth balls do keep wasps away. It is one way to prevent chemical contamination from insecticides and overspray from treatment against wasps.

No. We had a raccoon that kept coming inside our house through a pet door. We surrounded the pet door with moth balls. The moth balls did absolutely no good.

One way to get rid of bees or keep them away is by using moth balls. You can put them inside an old nylon and hang it close to a nest and in areas that you want to keep bees away from including porches and play sets.

To get rid of brown inch worms in the house use moth balls. Brown inch worms are really the larvae of a type of moth. Placing moth balls in a tray on the floor will rid the house of these pests. Keep moth balls away from pets and children.

Yes, some animals eat moth balls. Here is a list of animals that will eat moth balls: Snakes Moths Frogs Crows Most birds Here are things that will not eat moth balls: Bunnies Big dogs Some small dogs Toads Insects Humans-but keep away from small children

Moth balls will not kill roaches or any other insect. A moth ball will keep moths from nesting and feeding around it though.

Over time moth balls will lose their smell and eventually evaporate. To make moth balls last longer keep them in a tightly sealed plastic bag.

Put moth balls around your garbage can. the skunks do not like the smell so they will not go anywhere close to your garbage place a few in the can and in the bag for exrta protection.

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