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dismounting lions eat elk.

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Q: Do mountain lions eat elk
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Related questions

Do mountain lions eat meat?

Yes Mountain lions eat meat. They eat a varity of animals including deer and elk.

What animals prey on elk?

Mountain lions, wolves and the occasional bear all eat elk. Man also preys on elk.

Do mountain lions eat bears?

No mountain lions don't eat bears.Bears eat mountain lions.

Do lions eat elk?


Do mountain lions eat mountain goats?

Yes, mountain lions do eat goats.

Do mountain lions eat mountain lions?

no mountain lions can not eat mountain lion but they can harm and sometimes kill each others.

Do mountain lions eat?

All animals eat, so the mountain lion does! It eats deer, elk, and even hares and birds.It stalks its prey until it leaps or sprints.

Do mountain lions eat corn?

Mountain lions are carnivorous, they do not eat corn.

What do mountain lions eat?

Mountain lions are obligate carnivores and do not eat plants.

Do zebras eat mountain lions?

No, zebras do not eat mountain lions and mountain lions do not eat zebras. Zebras are from Africa and mountain lions are strictly an American species. They would never meet in nature.

Do mountain lions eat rams?

Yes, mountain lions will eat almost anything.

What eats adult mountain lions?

not all worms eat mountain lions ( they only eat when dead) and bacteria eat mountain lions dead or alive:

What is the cougar's diet?

Cougars, also known as mountain lions, like to eat ELK and DEER. They only ever eat humans if they are starving, which isn't common.

Do mountain lions eat lemurs?

Mountain lions do not eat lemurs. What they do eat include mice, white-tailed deer, wild horses, hares, cattle, rodents, elk and other animals that can be found in North America.

Do mountain lions eat lions?

No, impossible! Lions are from Africa and mountain lions from the Americas. They never meet.

Do wolves eat mountain lions?

they can but only if they are full grown. wolves eat baby mountain lions

Are mountain lions in meat eaters?

Yes, mountain lions eat meat.

Do mountain lions eat bison?

Yes, mountain lions eat bison. Wolves also eat bison and humans kill them.

Can mountain lions eat bats?

no mountain lions can not eats bats because bats fly higher then mountain lions jumps

Do pumas eat mountain lions?

No. Pumas and mountain lions are actually the same animal.

Do Mexican wolves eat mountain lions?

Probably not, mountain lions can kill wolves.

What eat horses?

Mountain Lions

Why do mountain lions eat?

to live

Do mountain lions eat trees?


Will a mountain lion eat a fox?

yes mountain lions will eat a fox