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No, 3DS games only work in a 3DS or 3DS XL.


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No, GameCube games do not work on the NDSi

All DS games work on the NDSi.

Nintendo DSi can play: - NDS games - NDSi enhanced games - DSiware games

NO... PS2 games will work on a PS3 ... PS3 games do not work in PS2 Game consoles, PS3 Consoles made for the past 3 years do not play PS2 games and PS3 consoles with only 2 USB ports do not play PS2 games.

No. Genesis games only work in Genesis machines, Master System games only work for their intended consoles and same thing with Game Gear games. Needless to say, Dreamcast games only work on Dreamcast.

yes Improv: Yes they can but it depends on the region, only certain games can work on consoles from different countries. Most games contain regional formats.

NO ... but PS2 games work on PS3 consoles ...

Games work on the console they were designed for and are not interchangeable.

No, as Asia has their format of encoding the games, and English consoles have their own. This also applies to English games on an Asian game console.

The games will work, yes. PSP games are not region locked, but UMD movies are.

U turn it on init lol :D

No. US games are NTSC while Australian consoles only play PAL games. I think that Australian consoles should work with European, Indian, Chinese and Brazilian games but not American, Canadian or Japanese.

Yes, all of Nintendo's portable consoles work with all games. Only Nintendo's home consoles are separated by region.

It doesn't matter from which country you bought the games The disc region is what counts PAL games on PAL consoles NTSC games work on NTSC consoles And some games are region free

yes it does the ndsi allows .acc types of music files and mp4 falls in that category. mp3 files won't work though so u have to convert it

Xbox games will not work on a Wii, and Wii games will not work on a Xbox. however, if you mod soft your wii, you can play games from old platforms.

Nope, Xbox360 games bought in the US will not work on an EU system.

Yes, DS games and consoles are not region locked.

Yes but not all a PS1 Game will work on a PS2. Most games like Xbox games and PC games will not work on other consoles. They are formatted to work on a specific console.

No. As with most games consoles, the Wii is region restricted. UK consoles run on the PAL system and American consoles run on the system NTSC. Due to this American games wont work on a UK console and vica verca.

No, 3DS games only work on the 3DS and 3DS XL as well as the 2DS

No Nintendo DS games work on Nintendo DS game consoles and maybe some other Nintendo and not on any of the Xbox or PlayStation game consoles regardless of the country or region.

There are no differences in the games of the consoles. There is only a difference in the design of the consoles, nothing else. So all PS3 games can be played on any PS3, whether fat or slim.

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