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salt water

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Q: Do objects float more in salt water or fresh water?
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Do objects float the same in salt water and fresh water?

objects float better because chemicals help make the objects float higher. the more salt the higher the things go

Why can't objects float on fresh water?

Any number of things will float in fresh water. Any boat that can be used in salt water will also stay afloat in fresh. However, fresh water has a lower specific gravity than salt water, and as a result, objects that displace a certain amount of sea water will displace more fresh water; they will sit lower in fresh water.

What liquids have a better buoyancy?

Liquids that have a greater density than water, will provide more buoyancy to objects floating in it. Salt water is more dense than fresh water, so objects will float higher in it.

Do objects float more easily in salt water or fresh water?

Adding Salt to the water increases the density of the water, and therefore makes it weight more per capita. This in turn causes the salty water to push down with more force then water with no salt, causes things that may not float, to float, and things that already float in normal water, to float higher in salty water.

Information about the problem which water will the egg will float salt water or distilled water?

The salt water contains dissolved ions and thus it has a high density. As a result, objects are more buoyant in salt water than fresh water, and more likely to float on it.

What is the difference between an objects that float and the objects thasink in water?

Objects that float in water are less dense than water; while objects that sink in water are more dense than water.

Do objects float better in salt water or fresh water?

Objects float better in salt water because the denser the water the easier the object will float for instance if your at a salt water beach you will float easier in a salt water beach then you will floating in a swimming pool.

How do objects float higher in salt water?

Objects float higher in salt water due the density caused by the salt, the more salt present in the water the higher the object will float.

Do you float in salt water or fresh water which on is more dense?


What experiments can you conduct to find out if salt water weighs more than fresh water?

Adding salt to water makes the water denser. As the salt dissolves in the water, it adds mass (more weight to the water). This makes the water denser and thus allows more objects to float on the surface that would sink in fresh Water

What can you infer about objeacts that sink or float in water?

Objects that Float in water are less dense than water. Objects that sink are more dense than water. More clearly stated Objects that sink displace less water than their weight of equal measure.

How does the amount of salt makes the ability of objects to float?

Salt water is more dense than water, so displacing the same volume of salt water as fresh water, yields a higher bouyancy force.