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no seals eat octopuses

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Q: Do octopuses eat seal
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Does a seal eat octopuses?

i dont think so

Is a monk seal Carnivore?

Yes. They eat fish, spiny lobsters, octopuses and eels.

What animals eat the octopuses?

Sperm Whales eat octopuses

How does octopuses eat?

octopuses eat clams that is there favorite food

Do octopuses eat turtles?

They rarely do. Usually, octopuses eat other octopuses. no but maybe sea turtles

Do octopuses eat other octopuses?

Yes they do.

What do dumbo octopuses eat?

most Dumbo octopuses eat worms and shrimp

What animals eat octopuses?

people and other octopuses

What do octopuses eat?

Octopuses eat crabs, crayfish, small fish, snails and molluscs.

Do octopuses eat shrimp?


Do octopuses eat whales?


Do octopuses eat clams?

No they do not eat calms

What do octopuses and squids eat?

Usually octopuses eat crabs, clams and some other fishes too.

Does a octopus eat a seal?

Negative; not any octopus that I have ever heard of. Bottom-dwelling octopuses main source of food is crabs, polychaete worms, and other molluscs such as whelks and clams. As for open-ocean octopuses, they eat mainly prawns, fish and other cephalopods.

What do octopaus eat?

Octopuses eat shrimp, lobsters, crabs, snails and sometimes fish and other octopuses. Most octopuses hunt at night when their pray is sleeping.

Do octopuses eat clown fish?

Octopuses eat pretty much whatever they like. They may not target clownfish but they will eat them if they want.

Do octopuses eat humans?


Does a shark eat octopuses?


Do octopuses eat sharks?


Do octopuses eat eels?

yes they do

Why do octopuses eat themselves?

they dont

Why do octopuses live here?

so the octopuses they can eat and the body was only olowded in water

What do octopus eat?

Octopuses eat crabs, crayfish, and molluscs.

What do octopuses eat in the Coral reef?

they eat fish and squid

Do squids eat octopuses?

no octopus can eat squid though