Do only adults don't know Disney channel?

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Adults totally do Disney Channel.
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Is Disney Channel only available in the United States?

No, Disney Channel is available in a number of countries. Most have their own programming, although some receive the US Disney Channel. Some international Disney Channels i

Is there going to be an adult Disney Channel?

No never in a life time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *NEW* Well, Disney Channel is considered a family channel, though that just means it's appropriate for kids. It does n
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Do Disney Cruise Ships have adults only activities?

Absolutely! Some require reservations and additional fees, but it'sworth it. Just remember that Disney is a family-oriented companyand to spend some time around the children.
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What does Disney have for adults only?

Disney has a number of things for adults only: 1. Some Spas 2. Most Fitness Centers 3. Most Bars 4. Some Dancehalls 5. Some swimming pools 6. Some whirlpool spas 7. Some resta