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Ouija Boards, and similar divination mechanisms, are purportedly controlled by the spirits. In that regard, whether they work is entirely up to the belief of the user.

As far as HOW they work, most results are obtained by the subconscious or conscious movement of the user. In experiments by parapsychologists in the 1930's and 1940's, blindfoldedOuija Board players were unable to generate any decipherable results. Because some assume that the "spirits" require human eyes to see the Ouija Board, the experiments did not totally discredit belief in the phenomenon.

The Ouija board should be correctly used as indicated on their instruction sheets, "for entertainment purposes only".

"Ouija" is a registered name of Parker brothers. The generic term is 'Talking boards'.

Viewed by Religious Groups

Many religions consider such "spirit summoning" to be forbidden, a form of divination or occultism. For most in the secular world, it is another manifestation of superstition taken to a ridiculous extreme.

Do they work?

As for the connection to the spirits of the dead, why should the dead be bothered? In some cases, information has been gleaned from them that none of the people using the board would admit to knowing.

They can provide answers as to whether the spirit survives after death. Spirits can provide reassurance to the bereaved, but are unconcerned with material things such as wealth, fame or fortune.

There is something there, but exactly what is obviously unknown.

Be respectful as you would to meeting someone face to face. Do not seek to tell fortunes.

Be careful playing with these things because they have been known to lead to mental illness and possessions as believed by some religious groups.

sometimes. but it isn't your recently deceased loved ones you are talking to, they are random spirits (including demons). the ouiji board is like a single telephone in the spirit world and any spirit may answer the call. I suggest to not try and use one because bad things happen to some people after they have. They become very scared and paranoid, some saying they have actually seen ghosts or demons. They believe in spirits and demons because the ouiji board worked (nobody knows how). Some have even commited suicide.

This subject is too emotive to answer here. Everyone has their opinion. To the skeptic no proof is enough. To the beleiver no proof is neccessary.

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Do online Ouija boards work?


How do you properly contact a family member with ouija?

Ouija boards dont work

How do online ouija boards work?

this must be quite impossable and dangerous.

Why do people use Ouija boards?

people use ouija boards to talk to spirits or something

Are online ouija boards safe to use?

Online Ouija boards are nothing but fake and phony.

Are ouija boards illegal?


Why do ouija boards still sell?

There are people who still utilize the Ouija Board as a form of divination. People will always be fascinated by the unknown and Ouija Boards offer this.

Do ouija boards really work?

Do they give correct answers if you don't already know the answer? No.

Are ouija boards real?

No, the ouija boards are not real. I tried it myself at school (although I'm not supposed to). I was playing it online, but it was just a load of crap, nothing but crap! I even tried the real ouija boards at home, I was trying to talk to it but unfortunately nothing happened and all the stories about the ouija boards are fakes

Do ouija boards call only demons?

no, ouija boards don't only call demons, they can call good spirits too.

Do ouija boards work around Christmas time?

yess of course it does. it works eny time

Do you like ouijia boards?

Do not play with ouija boards. They are the portal to evil.

Are witch boards real?

Witch Boards are also referred to as Ouija Boards. Yes, they are real.

How does Ouija boards help children?

They don't.

If the ouija boards are bad why do they sell them at Toys R Us?

There is no such thing as bad publicity. The nefarious rumors of Ouija boards has only promoted their sales.

What the ouija board online tells you its mad?

Online Ouija boards are phony. Don't trust them.

When the plancette on the ouija board spins in circles what does it mean?

nothing... Ouija boards are complete nonsence

Can the ouija board hurt is?

Ouija boards are dangerous, because they can get one in contact with evil spirits.

What do ouija boards do?

Ouija boards are most commonly accepted as a game, however some people use them as a tool to divine messages from the spirit world to answer their questions.

Why do some people believe that ouija boards are not evil?

As long as belief in the supernatural - God or gods, spirits, paranormal happenings - is not evil, then ouija boards are not evil.

Do cardboard ouija boards work?

They may not work as smoothly (the laminate on the surface of the board helps the planchette slide more easily) but yes, they will work.

What are some religious criticisms of the Ouija board?

There are several religious criticisms of the Ouija boards. Some criticisms are that that Ouija boards are symbols of witchcraft and that they are tools of Satan since they reveal information that should only be in God's hands.

How much do ouija boards cost?

20.00 dollars

How do you contact evil spirits?

Ouija boards. I wouldn't do it!

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