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Do palm trees grow coconuts?

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Why do palm trees grow coconuts?

Coconuts are the way palm trees reproduce, it is the seed.

Do bananas grow on palm trees?

No. They grow on banana trees. Palm trees have dates or coconuts.

Can peaches grow on palm trees?

Peaches never grow on palm trees. Only coconuts and palm nuts grow from palm trees.

What is the fruit of the palm tree?

Palm trees grow coconuts.

How many palm trees grow coconuts?

Only coconut palms grow coconuts

Do coconuts grow on palm trees?

Only on the coconut palm. PMZ

Do all coconuts grow on palm trees?

yes they do (2) But not all palm trees produce coconuts. Coconuts grow on coconut palms; dates grow on date palms; there are many other varieties of palm whose fruit are not edible for humans.

Do coconuts grow under the ground?

No, coconuts do not grow underground. They grow on palm trees, high up off the ground.

Where do coconuts mostly grow?

on palm trees in places that are warm

Do coconuts grow on all palm trees?

No just on the coconut palm Cocos nucifere.

Does a coconut grow on a tree?

Coconuts are the seeds of a tree called the coconut palm. So yes, coconuts do grow on trees.

Do palm trees with coconuts grow at Great Sand Dunes?


Does coconut reproduce sexually?

No. Coconuts grow on palm trees; the process by which they come into being does not involve sexual relations-- it involves pollenation. The palm trees on which the coconuts grow can ultimately produce between 30 and 70 coconuts. (By the way, despite the name, a coconut is a fruit; it is not a nut.)

Do all palm trees have coconuts?

No,only some kinds of trees can have coconuts.

Which fruit grows on a palm tree?

There are a number of fruits that grow on palm trees. Coconuts, betel nuts, and dates. Heart of palm is a vegetable harvested from palm trees and used in salads.

What tree do coconuts grow on?

Coconut TreesCoconuts grow on Coconut trees.

What are coconuts?

Coconuts are a fruit made by God and grow on palm tree. You can find them on an island witch has palm trees. You can also find them In grocery stores and eat them! The taste delicious!

Does California grow coconuts?

Most of California won't support coconut palms at all. The southern reaches of the state may sustain the coconut palm trees, but those trees typically don't yield coconuts. In general, no, California does not grow coconuts.

Do coconuts grow on trees?

Yes. Coconuts grow on trees. Coconut Palm trees grow in the tropics usually near sea shores. Coconuts are the seeds of the coconut tree. Coconuts can float and if they fall into water can survive over a month before they wash up on shore. That way they can spread from one shore to another. Coconut trees can tolerate frost but can not tolerate hard freezes.

How Are Coconuts Made?

Coconuts grow on trees.

What kind of nuts are on palm trees?


Where were coconuts made?

Well,Coconuts grow on trees.

How are coconuts grown?

Coconuts are the fruit of the coconut palm Cocos nucifera. Not all palms grow coconuts.

Do berries grow on palm trees?

No they do not, well if you look closely at a palm tree, they do look as though they carry berries, but really it's the seeds that grow on the palm tree.They do although look like grapes in a bunch. I am pretty sure they don't. One kind grows coconuts and I know you can get palm oil, but berries don't grow on palm trees.

What products are used from coconut palm trees?

Coconuts, and palm leaves for housing materials.

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