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Can palm trees grow in alb nm.

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Q: Do palm trees grow in New Mexico?
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What climate do palm trees grow in?

Palm trees grow in warm weather places such as california or florida. cold places like New York and NewJersey do not grow palm trees.

What kinds of trees grow in New Mexico?

pinon trees and dry weathered trees.

Does New Mexico have palm trees?

Yes!! In Albuquerque a few make it! But in Las Cruces they have tons of palm trees!! Even in Carlsbad theres a few!!

Which palm trees grow in New Jersey?

Along the southern coast of New Jersey, there are a few "palm plants" which look like palm trees but without the trunk. They are just the leaves and are small bush-like plants.

How do you grow new palm trees?

If you are going to grow the tree outside, make sure it is the right variety for your climate. I currently have a dead Queen palm in my backyard. It may be easier to buy a small palm tree and transplant it.

Does New Jersey have palm trees?

New Jersey does not have any palm trees because of the cold climate. Palm trees are grown from Virginia south to Florida. In New Jersey, you may see some "palm plants" which look like little bushes with palm tree like leaves.

Do maple-leafed trees grow anywhere other than Canada?

yes, in New Mexico :) <3

Is there any palm trees in new york?


Does a cactus plant grow in New Mexico?

Many cacti grow in New Mexico.

Why are there no palm trees in New Hampshire?

Im not sure because there is a species of palm called the windmill palm that will thrive in colder areas such as New Hampshire

Does Sago Palm grow in Papua New Guinea?

new uinea

Can you grow apple trees in New Mexico?

No, because the misnomer "Land of Enchantment" doesn't inform you that it NEVER RAINS there. Good luck.

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