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They do, all animals belch.

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How do you use 'belch' in a sentence?

The woman wanted to belch but she remembered to mind her manners at the table.

Do cows belch?

Cows do belch, they belch all the time. As a matter of fact, a cow will belch just about once every minute of every day of her entire life.

Where is it proper to belch after a meal?

* In Western Cultures it is rude to belch after a meal, but some cultures feel if you don't belch then you have not enjoyed the meal.

What is a belch?

A belch is a loud expulsion of gas from the stomach through the mouth.

How can you use the word belch in a sentence?

If you belch at the dinner table, please excuse yourself. One way to make the boys laugh is to belch as loudly as possible.

Does belch mean the same thing as lurch?

You might lurch when you belch; but no, they are not the same word. To belch is to burp loudly, and to lurch is to lunge forward awkwardly and off-balance.

What is a collective noun for parrots?

The collective nouns for parrots are a flock of parrots, a company of parrots, or pandemonium of parrots.

How do you use belch in sentence?

When he turned green he looked like he was going to belch. From Derek Gary

What you called group of parrots?

There are at least four choices:A flock of parrots.A company of parrots.A pandemonium of parrots.A psittacosis of parrots.

How do parrots attract other parrots?

Parrots attracy other parrots by speaking and showing their feathers.

Why does it taste like eggs when you belch?

Its probally the backwash of what you ate prior to that belch. The stomach acids dissolving your food.

What is the plural possessive of parrots?

The plural possessive is parrots'.

Do parrots have feathers or fur?

Parrots are birds, they have feathers

Do parrots reproduce?

Of course. If parrots did not reproduce, there would be no parrots left. Parrots reproduce by laying eggs, as all birds do.

What is eructation?

eructation is to belch/burp

Are parrots consumers?

are parrots consumers

What are parrots afraid of?

what are parrots scared of

Are parrots psychic?

No, parrots are not psychic.

Are parrots poisonous?

There are no poisonous parrots.

Are parrots mammels?

No, Parrots are birds.

How can you belch for an our?

A belch, or "burpus mastunky". Belches are supressed gas, so u won't. Don't fart for an hour either. Ick.

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