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True. They do directly affect the Human Body.

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โˆ™ 2010-06-10 13:27:27
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Q: Do pathagens directly affect the human body?
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What part of the human body does glaucoma directly affect?


Do magnets affect the human body?

Directly, no. Magnets affect ferrous metals, and people are not metal.

How does a disease affect the human?

disease affect the human body by breaking down the body cell

What system of the human body does the broken bone affect?

A broken bone in the human body will affect the skeletal system.

How does Autism affect the human body?

how does autism effect the health of the human body

How do carbs affect the human body?

== ==

Can talc affect the human body?


How do energy drinks affect the human body?

Energy drinks affect the human body because it has side affects and raises your blood pressure.

How does mass affect g force on the human body?

As the mass of a human body increases, so does the g-force exhibited on the human body.

How does gender affect body temperature?

Doesn't affect it. 98.5 is the body temperature for normal human.

How does fungus affect human body?

if you are a dutty person then fungi can affect you

How methamphetamine drug affect human?

It has many effects on the human body.

How does learning about the human body affect the understanding of human reproduction?


What does not affect the electrical resistance of a body?

Bodies directly surrounding the body (Penn Foster)

What human body systems are needed directly to write?

Muscular and nervous systems, most directly.

How microbes can affect the human body?

they dont

How does mcdonalds effect the human body?


How does alcohol abuse affect the body?

Any drug (like cigarette and Alcohol) are deadly dangerous for the human body. The whole body system is affected, because brain gets slow and lungs get destroyed. Alcohol directly affect the brain, which controls the whole body. In practical terms, alcohol upset the whole system, of the body.

How do stimulants affect the human body?

Stimulants affect the human body in several different ways. When a stimulant is ingested it can cause the heart to speed up and pump more blood throughout the body.

Which part of the human body takes in oxygen directly from the air?

The lungs take in oxygen directly from the air.

Where is the stomach located in the human body?

Directly under the Diaphragm, and a bit to the left side of your body.

How does ringworm affect the human body?

It makes the body more prone to injuries

How does a stroke affect the body?

It shut's down most of the organs in the human body.

How does blood loss affect the human body?

It makes the physical body weakened.

How does Stroke affect the body?

It shut's down most of the organs in the human body.

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