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Do pathagens directly affect the human body?


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True. They do directly affect the Human Body.

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Directly, no. Magnets affect ferrous metals, and people are not metal.

disease affect the human body by breaking down the body cell

A broken bone in the human body will affect the skeletal system.

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Energy drinks affect the human body because it has side affects and raises your blood pressure.

Doesn't affect it. 98.5 is the body temperature for normal human.

As the mass of a human body increases, so does the g-force exhibited on the human body.

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It has many effects on the human body.

Bodies directly surrounding the body (Penn Foster)

Muscular and nervous systems, most directly.

The different things that can affect how the human body growth is SLEEPING Because when your sleep is ENOUGH Your Body will grow. That's all THANK YOU :)

Any drug (like cigarette and Alcohol) are deadly dangerous for the human body. The whole body system is affected, because brain gets slow and lungs get destroyed. Alcohol directly affect the brain, which controls the whole body. In practical terms, alcohol upset the whole system, of the body.

from the breakdown of starch

Stimulants affect the human body in several different ways. When a stimulant is ingested it can cause the heart to speed up and pump more blood throughout the body.

The lungs take in oxygen directly from the air.

Ultrasound is just a wave, so it cannot affect the human body (It's a different type of wave to gamma radiation)

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It makes the body more prone to injuries

Directly under the Diaphragm, and a bit to the left side of your body.

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Gangrene occurs when tissues in the body die. It can affect arms, legs, or other parts of the human body.

The UV rays affect the human body in various ways. Prolonged exposure to these rays will cause erythema which is commonly known as sunburn.

Skin cancer will cause growths on the human body. The effects of chemotherapy or radiation will affect the body and weaken it to the point of nausea and lack of energy while being treated.

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