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Do Pathological Liars Admit They Lie?Chronic liars are most commonly found among those who have Antisocial Personality Disorder, although some liars also suffer from factitious conditions like Munchhausen's Disorder or Munchhausen's by Proxy and of course, there are disorders that by their nature promote lying -- such as substance abusers who have to lie to spouses or employers in order to support their habit. Narcissists are also fond of lying.

The most serious of the chronic liars are the psychopaths, who form the most severe 10% (roughly) of those with Antisocial Personality Disorder and yes, they will happily acknowledge that they lie, in some circumstances. They will rarely acknowledge a lie if doing so might cause them discomfort -- for example, if they lie to police about not having committed some crime, they will generally not back down from this position and they will often not back away from a face-saving or grandiose lie.

Those liars who are psychopaths or sociopaths are above all charming, glib and usually to some extent flirtatious. If admitting a lie or two is in the interest of holding your attention, they're happy to do so. Other than an accurate (and controversial) diagnosis of actual mythomania (fantastic story telling as a fixed, non-situational, objectively internal character trait), only delusions can cause an individual to tell a falsehood that they believe to be true. By definition, delusions are *fixed* false beliefs, that do not comport with any religious or cultural tradition, and they do not change when someone points out their falsity. They often don't even change with heavy medication. So if someone is telling you, "I didn't realize I just told a lie; I'm a pathological liar," excuse yourself politely, and go make a new friend. There is not going to be a happy ending.

About Pathological liars knowing whether they lie or not, it's actually yes and no. He doesn't know that he has lied until AFTER he has lied (sometimes). He sometimes does not realise he has lied until someone has brought it to his attention. When he finally realises he has lied (on his own), he will NOT admit it, because there is no explanation and he feels somewhat embarrassed. When caught he will sometimes deny it simply because he does not want people to view him as a liar (from fear and shame).

Finally, sometimes he will admit it in certain situations. It's not their conscious mind at work, but rather their self-centred, defensive, insecure, low self esteem subconscious.

Pathological liars know themselves they are lying sometimes and feel the pain. Othertimes, they don't know ,so their relatives and friends get hurt. So, pathological liars do not always admit they are liars,especially when they are hurting others and protecting themselves.

In fact, common liar also do not admit they are lying always. The difference between normal liars and pathological liars are the pain caused by and frequency of lying. Think of our own inner state when our liars are exposed. We will feel awkward but not panic. We would not be hurt so deep, but they will change their other normal mind into an abnormal state and do something that will really hurt other people's feelings. They do not admit they are liars, they go on play the role they thought they are telling the truth. When they are alone, they will think about their suffering and weep in a corner. They can feel the pain double of ours.

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Q: Do pathological liars ever admit they are liars?
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What is the Sexual orientation of pathological liars?

There is no correlation between pathological liars and sexual orientation.

Do pathological liars lie to everyone or just some people?

there are two kinds of liars. compulsive liars and pathological liars. compulsive liars lie on impulse usually to make themselves seem more interesting. Pathological liars lie to anyone about anything and they actually believe themselves.

When do pathological liars tell the truth?

Pathological liars are those who tell lies at every given opportunity and it is a way of life for them. As such, pathological liars never tell the truth because they are incapable of doing so.

Are bipolar people pathological liars?

Some Bipolar people are pathological liars, but guess what? It has nothing to do with the fact that they are Bipolar. Being a pathological liar is not a symptom of Bipolar Disorder.

Are pathological liars aware of their condition?

No, typically pathological liars are not not aware of the fact that they are lying constantly. And, often times they believe their own lies. However, we can't mix pathological liars with diagnosed disorder with a person who lies to protect himself/herself.

How can you get him to admit to things you already found when he is a pathological liar?

There is not much one can do if their partner is a pathological liar. Pathological liars know they are liars, but cannot seem to find a way of breaking this bad habit. Often pathological liars have low self esteem and can dramatize certain scenario's to make themselves seem self important and while this may work for a little while it does not fool many people. Pathological liars also have a difficult time in relationships and will lie about simple things they have done and will not own up to it. You can either put up with a partner who is a pathological liar or leave the relationship and the latter is the best way to go because you will find it difficult to believe them and once lied too it breaks the bond of trust between the two people and the relationship will eventually end.

What is the difference between compulsive liars and pathological liars?

i love christian

Do pathological liars feel guilty when caught in a lie?

No, that's why they are called pathological.

Are pathological liars ever truly happy in a relationship?

Sure, if their partner isn't interested in the things they say, and is happy with the rest.

Is there treatment for pathological liars?

No not usually

Do pathological liars have feelings of guilt?


Who are pathological liars?

Pathological liars lies on a regular basis and is unable to control their lying despite of foreseeing inevitable negative consequences or ultimate disclosure of the lie.

Can pathological liars fool their counselors?


Do pathological liars have a touch of schizophrenia?


Do pathological liars try to return to a previous relationship if the present one starts to go wrong?

Individuals may tend to do that in general - pathological liars really have no bearing on the situation. Where a pathological liar is concerned it totally depends on the individual themselves.

What are the reasons that pathological liars lie?

There are many reasons why pathological liars lie including having no reason at all. These are people who lie in a convincing manner and find comfort in lying.

Are pathological liars usually unfaithful to their spouses?

Not all pathological liars are unfaithful. The question is: Do you think the pathilogical liar cheated on the spouse? Well, if you asked the pathological liar if they cheated on their spouse and they said no. Then they did, Because they are Pathological liars. Which means they cant help but to lie. But, if they said they didn't cheat on their spouse before you asked them? It could mean that they are not lieing. Its a catch twenty-two. They best way to figure that one out is to ask yourself, "Can I or should I trust a pathological liar?"

Are pathological liars very charming?

psuedo, somewhat

Do pathological liars fall in love?

NO, Not in a million years!

What is the medical term for compulsive liars?

Pathological liar

Do pathological liars financially sponge from others?


What is the treatment for pathological liars?

Pathological liars exhibit the same behaviors that addicts do. Thus, the treatment can be similar. It involves the use of medications, varies therapies, such as psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy, and weekly or daily group meetings.

What is a propulsive Liar?

Compulsive liars are people who are unable to keep from telling lies, as opposed to pathological liars who lie out of convenience.

Are pathological liars capable of really loving someone?

Hello. Yes, they are.

What signs are there for pathological liars?

they lie so easily that you believe them and they immediately answer