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they can work with other people ; they usually need help with some stuff. they can work with other people ; they usually need help with some stuff.

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Do pediatricians work alone or with others?

yes you may have to work alone , the only person you have to work with is an nurse

Do pediatricians work with machines more than people?

Pediatricians work with people much more than they work with machines.Pediatricians mainly work with people, but they use some diagnostic machines like a stethoscope, x-ray machine, etc.

What kinds of people do pediatricians work with?

Nurses, assistants, other doctors, and sometimes patients.

Do pediatricians work with people data or things?

They work with people. Mainly they work with infants to adolescents

What is a general primary care pediatrician?

do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies?

Where do pediatricians often work?

Pediatricians usually work in hospitals.

Do pediatricians work around lots of people or a few or alone?

Alot of people they help little kids all day and who they work with so yes alot of people sometimes it depends on the day sometimes you dont have so many people

Do pediatricians work with lots of people?

YES . pediatricians can work with a variety of people .. most work with nurses, technicians, and secretaries . best of luck with finding out about Pediatrics ! (: PEACE . LOVE . CHANNING TATUM . <3

Do pediatricians work on feet?

Pediatricians work on all parts of children.

Do pediatricians usually work inside or outside?

Pediatricians usually work inside.

What are normal work hours for pediatricians?

Pediatricians usually work about 50 hours a week.

Do most pediatricians work in a company or for themselves?

Most pediatricians work in private practice.

Do pediatricians get days off?

Depends on where you work but most pediatricians do.

Did Bernie Madoff work alone?

No he worked with other people.

How many people work as a pediatrician?

more than 200,000 thousand pediatricians work in the field

Who do pediatricians work for?

Some work for hospitals, while others run private practices with other doctors.

What type of medicine fields do pediatricians work in?

Pediatricians work with kids. They can work in offices and hospitals. I hope this answers your question.

What is the dress-code for working pediatricians?

pediatricians have no dress code when there at work but pediatricians in training usually wear scrubbs.

Who do pediatricians work with?


Do pediatricians have to work at home?

Most do not. They work in their offices and clinics and go to Hospitals like every other doctor.

Do fashion designers work alone?

Fashion designers do not work alone. They may come up with the ideas alone but they worked in collaboration with other people to make a project successful.

What is a good answer to Do you like working with people?

if you like to work alone say you are very independent but if there is something that is a team effort you tottaly will work with other people if you like to work with other people say that you enjoy it

What type of doctors do pediatricians work with?

Most pediatricians have practices by themselves or in settings with other pediatricians and Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners. By "working with", if you mean who do they know...they know the doctors that they need to refer their patients to that need more specialized care.

What are pediatricians work conditions?

pediatrician work conditions

Why do people want to become pediatricians?

Because they either love to work with lil children or they want to work with lil children!