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No it's originally called St Stephens day

and was on the 27th

The name Boxing Day gets comonly mis celebrated as the day when you open presents

No Christmas Day is the day you open presents Boxing day is a misused word and has been misinterperetated over the years

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Yes. In my family you don't get anything till Christmas day.

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we open them 12:00 am Christmas Morning!

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Q: Do people open Christmas gifts on December 25th?
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On what dates are gifts given in ITALY?

Gifts are given in Italy during the Epiphany and on Christmas which falls on December 25th. Gifts are also given on birthdays and anniversaries.

When is Christmas celebrated around the world?

All western churches celebrate Christmas at the same time, 25th December. Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas later. Pedantically, they all celebrate Christmas on 25th December, they just use a different calendar and disagree which day is the 25th December.

When is Christmas celebrated in Venezuela?

The same as the USA, December 25th, though gifts are typically given at midnight on Christmas Eve

When people celebrate Christmas?

25th December!

When do people celebrate ChristmaS?

25th of December

What is Christmas givings?

Christmas givings is when people excahnge gifts on Christmas, the 25th of December. Christmas was originally a pagan holiday that was turned into the celebration of Jesus' birth. Jesus is the Son of God, and Christians recognize the 25th as the day to remember his amazing birth. You can read about the Christmas story in the beginning of the New Testament of the Christian Bible. Christians, and other people, give gifts on the 25th as a sign of celebration and appreciation for one another. Gifts can include money, gift cards, toys, jewelry, and anything else! Merry Christmas!

Is Christmas day on the 24th or 25th?

In America, Christmas Eve is December 24th and Christmas Day is December 25th. December 25th is the more accepted day, however.

When do people celebrate Christmas in Canada?

On December 25th.

What date do catholic people have Christmas?

On the 25th of December.

Do people celebrate Christmas on December 25th?


When do Britain people celebrate Christmas?

25th of December.

When is Christmas in December?

christmas is in 25th of december