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people do not SHRINK.. Its the bones which shrink with age and your muscles are loosen up.They make you feel shrink in size.

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Q: Do people shrink?
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Can you shrink?

You can not shrink, the reason people say older people shrink is because they get a hunch in their back.

Why do people shrink?

People shrink with age because they lose bone density.

How much do you shrink in the day?

People don't shrink, idiot.

How do you shrink your self with the shrink ray gun from the store on poptropica?

You can only shrink other people not yourself

How do people get shorter?

they "shrink" when they get older :)

Do people shrink as they get older?

Yes, people over the age of 60 do tend to shrink as they age, this is because they lose calcium out of their bones.

How can you shrink yourself?

um, that is kind of impossible sorry. Most old people shrink naturaly though.

Do people with AIDS head shrink?

No it does not.definatly not!

Why do the elderly shrink?

In our back's we have intervertebral discs. As people age these discs get smaller. So in a sense, yes, one can say that elderly people shrink.

Do tall people shrink more or less?

Tall people shrink just as much as shorter people. This happens because the spine compresses however it is not as noticeable because the person is already tall.

Name something people happen to them when they die?


How do people change when they grow old?

They Start To Shrink ( Get Shorter ).

Why do people put hairspray on there tights?

to make them shrink i guess ? (:

Do tall people shrink more than short people?

Yes, taller people shrink more due to gravity pulling on their vetebras and bones. Also, many tall people have some form of scoliosis or other curvature of the spine.

How do you shrink clothing?

many people say if you dry it alot then that will shrink it but im not sure. there is a link for you .

Does creatine shrink your balls?

Creatine does not shrink your testicles. Creatine is simply a protein and sometimes it is used to build muscles or help people gain weight.

What will the people who do not shrink from service deserve?

The love and thanks of man and woman

What causes a human to shrink?

osteoporosis causes people to look as if they are shrinking

Why do old people shrink?

because you are getting too danm old

Do opals shrink?

No they do not shrink.

Do adults with anorexia shrink in height?

No. Adults or teenagers with anorexia don't shrink, it's just a saying that people make up. Once you grow you grow.

How can you shrink clothes?

You can shrink clothes by washing them in hot water and then drying them on high heat. This may not shrink them a lot, but it will shrink them.

How do you use the word 'shrink' in a sentence?

It depends on which definition of "shrink" you're using. Shrink - to become smaller in size. - When the bread dehydrates it will shrink. Shrink - Another word for therapist (quack). - That shrink has a horrible practice. Hope this helped, Good luck!

Is shrink an adjective?

No, shrink is a verb.

What is the future tense of shrink?

Will shrink.