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Do people still eat otters?


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It is impossible to prove that absolutely NOBODY eats otters, but in a majority of areas otters aren't used as food. It's actually illegal to even disturb them in nature preserves.


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No, people do not eat river otters... but they do eat the fosh that the otters eat :-).

otters eat crustaceans and sharks eat otters

People eat scallops. Otters do to.

Chinese people

River otters do. But most otters eat small snakes.

Can sea otters eat humans? no

Raccoons eat mollusks. Otters eat mollusks. People eat mollusks.

what kind of food do otters eat

Yes Rivers Otters will eat beavers.

Large group of piranhas can hunt otters and eat them.

not that i know of but they were hunted for their fur in the 1900's

Yes, orcas eat sea otters.

yes humans and otters eat oysters

algae can be eaten by sea otters Chinese people also

Orca whales! they eat all the otters

Otters will eat small mammals such as water voles and young rabbits.

River otters do eat snakes but, only small snakes

If you mean what do otters eat, then they eat fish, and shellfish. Also, Giant river otters will occasionally attack a caiman wandering into their territory.

Alligators DON'T eat sea otters, Killer whales (orcas) do!

yes otters do eat fruit but not melons

Sea otters have to eat at least 25% oftheir body weight each day.

No! Sea otters eat mollusks (small octopodes, clams, mussels etc.).

most bird otters can eat mostly a few but their mane diet is fish.

Otters are omnivors because they can eat both seaweed and crab.

not exactly. some sharks will take bites and kill the otters but spit them out because they do not taste good.

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