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Do people with autism live alone?

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It depends on the person and how visibly autistic they are.

If a person's inability to verbally communicate or interact in society is severe due to their autism, then they might need someone to help care for them. Otherwise, there's nothing about autism that makes living alone particularly dangerous.

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How long do people with autism live for?

People with autism have the same lifespan as someone without autism. Remember autism is not a life threatening disease like cancer.

Can autism affect your lifespan?

No people with Autism (Including Me) are perfectly healthy and can live just as long as any NT.

Is autism mental or a disibility physical?

Autism is not mental or physical per say, nor is it always a disability. Autism is a neurological difference - some people with autism do consider themselves disabled because of the way autism effects them, but many autistic people live just like neurotypical people so do not consider their autism to be a disability at all.

Does Autism wear off?

Autism is a lifelong illness. Its effects can be treated with therapy but this teaches the person with autism life skills rather than curing them. People with autism are able to live full lives.

Are people born with autism?

Yes of course people are born with autism.

Are there a large number of people that live alone in Ireland?

Yes, there are a lot of people in Ireland that live alone.

When do people get autism?

People don't 'get' autism. They are born with it.

Why do some children have autism?

No one knows really, it 'just happens'. We get born with autism. We live with autism. We die with autism.

How long do children with Autism live?

Autism is not life-threatening.

What is Autism awareness?

Autism awareness is simply making people aware of autism and Autistic people. Unfortunately organizations such as Autism Speaks uses autism awareness to speak negatively about autism and Autistic people to increase their profits, thus there remains a lot of ignorance about autism.

What is the name of a person who choses to live alone?

a person who chooses to live alone is a hermit.

How do you end autism in one day?

You don't 'end autism' full stop, let alone in one day.Autism is a neurological variation, the only way to end autism would be to wipe out all the Autistic people on the planet and prevent any more from being born. Obviously that would be genocide.

Why do people get diagnosed autism?

Autism impairs the ability to form relationships with other people; autistic people live in a world of their own, to put it metaphorically. A severely autistic person doesn't speak at all. So, if someone has these kinds of problems, a diagnosis of autism is likely to be made.

What can you do to people who have autism?

It would not be ethical or legal to do anything TO people who have autism.

How do you live if you have autism?

By breathing, eating, etc. while accomplishing all the milestones most people go through during their life. Autism is not life-threatening.

What is the percentage of autism throughout the world?

about 1.5% of people have autism, which is about 46,000,000 people

Do people with autism repeat them self's?

Yes people with autism do repeat them self's.

What is Autism awarness?

Autism awareness is bringing awareness to autism and Autistic people, educating people about what autism is and how it affects Autistic people. Autism awareness is often used by unethical charities who claim to support Autistic people when they do not, they use this term to spread misinformation as an attempt to create a culture of fear surrounding Autism so people will give them more money.

What percent of people know what autism is?

48% of people in north America know about autism

Do people who have anger have autism?

Not all people with anger have autism but autistic people do tend to have anger issues

Can people with autism talk?

Yes, but there are different degrees in autism.

How old are people when they have autism disease?

Autism is not a disease - it's offensive to suggest that it is as Autism is a neurological variation, by suggesting autism is a disease you're suggesting that Autistic people are a disease. As autism is a neurological variation people are born Autistic and continue to be Autistic their whole life.

What are some solutions to autism?

There are no 'solutions' to autism because autism isn't a problem that requires a solution. Autism is a neurological difference, autistic people are not worth less than neurotypical people

How long can someone with autism live?

as long as someone without autism, its not life threatning

Is it hard to fight Autism?

It's not hard to fight Autism because there is no reason to fight Autism to begin with. Autism is not a bad things, it's not something people need to fight but Autism is a group of people who deserve to be fought for and not against!