Do pigs fall in love

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Yes they do. They often choose to fall in love.

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Q: Do pigs fall in love
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Are guinea pigs normally shy?

Guinea pigs are shy in one way, but not shy in another. Guinea pigs love to be in the room of the house that is most social. But, when they're tired they don't like to be bothered. But, they do like to fall asleep on you! They love to held at times. And, they don't like to be around a lot of noise. They get stressed out very easily.

How do you get your guinea pig to fall asleep on you?

I have 2 guinea pigs which love nestling around my neck and with them snuggled up they fall asleep..i'm pretty tactile with mine so depends how hands on you are with them..the more you handle them and have them on you they may then fall asleep.

Are guinea pigs clean?

What Fruit do guinea pigs eat??Do guinea pigs love running around??Do guinea pigs love to squeak??Can guinea pigs get colds/sick/sore throats/puke??

When will one fall in love?

You never know when you will fall in love, but don't try to rush anything. When you fall in love will be when you fall in love.

Why do your chemical romance sing about pigs?

because they are in love with pigs?

How do you make a man fall in love with you?

How do you make a man fall in love with you? Hey Women/ Girl/Madam There Are Solution To Every Problem Below You. to make a guy fall in love with you to make a man fall in love to make him fall in love with you to make a man fall deeply in love with you to make a guy fall for you to make a man fall in love with you psychology to make a guy fall in love with you over text messages to make a guy fall in love with you through chatting to make him fall in love with you again to make him fall in love with you over text to make him fall in love with you forever to make a married man fall madly in love with you does a man fall in love

Do guinea pigs have depth perception?

No!!!! This can cause guinea pigs to unwittingly fall from high places.

Are guinea pigs afraid of the dark?

Guinea pigs are definitely not afraid of the dark, they love it! In the wild guinea pigs use dark places to hide in , so naturally they love it!

Can you fall in love?

Of course you can fall in love...everyone in this whole world have to fall in love with someone

Do pigs and goats fall asleep?


Can guinea pigs break their legs?

Depending on how they fall or get hurt, yes Guinea pigs can break their legs.

I only fall in love with people that fall in love with me What type of attraction is this Is there any specific name for people that fall in love only with people that fall in love with them?


What is a ginea pigs favoriot food?

They mostly love grass and 1 reason is because guinea pigs LOVE the color green

When your in love is there a way to fall out of it?

No and Yes because when your in love you wont fall out of it but if you think your in love butyour not you can fall out of it because your not actualy in love.......

Are bananas healthy for guinea pigs?

grass is what guinea pigs love and dandelions!!!!!!!!!!!

Can guinea pigs eat silver beet?

Yes. My guinea pigs love it:)

Toys for guinea pigs?

guinea pigs love tunnels as they like to hide ! i got a little kitten tunnel for my two guinea pigs it has dangly balls one has a bell in it and the other is a pom-pom , they love it! also if you a get a ball they have to roll to get treats out is good as they would have to do that in the wild , also they love to run around and its really funny to watch as pigs shake their pigs when they run!

Do pigs love me'?


Are pigs cool?

It's your own personal oppinion to think pigs are cool or not but... I LOVE PIGS so yes they are cool

What is the study of pigs?

There is no separate word for the study of pigs. It would technically fall under zoology, which is the study of animals.

What time of year are potbellied pigs born?


Can you find a website for people to fall in love?

There are dating websites. People do not fall in love on website, but they fall in love on discovering the type of person they are in love with.

Can you fall out of love and fall back in love?


How fast can a boy fall in love?

A boy can fall in love immediately.

Will your love fall in love with you?

no, because your love cannot love you Its a 50 50 chance, that your love will fall in love with you.