Do pirates have swords

Updated: 9/20/2023
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I think that they have swords because if they were to ever find the buried treasure they will defend or fight for the treasure.

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Q: Do pirates have swords
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What weapens did pirates have?


Did Pirates invent swords?


Are there ANY pirates out there that still use swords?


Who were the pirate swords used by?

The pirates who owned them.

What did pirates use to kill people?

Swords, guns, cannons

What wars did the Vikings have?

They Battled With Swords. They Were A Little Like The Pirates.

What are some cartoons with swords in them?

Some popular cartoons with swords in them are Jake and The Neverland Pirates, and Robin Hood. Older classic cartoons using swords are He-Man and She-Ra.

What pirates do everyday?

sing,sail,try to find gold,sharpen swords

What types opf weapons did pirates use?

Pirates used a number of different kinds of weapons. They used a variety of swords, daggers, rifles, pistols, and cannons.

What are some old and new pirate weapons?

In old times pirates main weapon is pirate swords and at today's time pirates are all kinds of machine guns.

What type of weapons did pirates use?

They used cannons and other types of guns.

Are there actual pirates out there with actual swords and cannons etc?

No now they use guns but very few pirates actually exist now. The hotspots are places around Africa e.g samarlia