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Q: Do police stations get a list of pawned items?
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How do pawn shops know if a camera is stolen?

Most pawn shops have to make a list of all items pawned, the models numbers and the serial numbers. Those lists are collected by the local Police Depts and the information checked against stolen equipment reports. The shop will learn later if they have a stolen pawned item.

Do criminals mainly purchase guns in pawn shops?

No, despite the public perception. For a pawn shop to pawn or sell firearms, they must have a Federal Firearms license. When buying a gun from a pawn shop, you will complete the same paperwork, police background check, etc, as if you were buying from a gun store. Criminals obtain their guns mainly by stealing them. I enjoy shopping in pawn shops, and occasionally you find good bargains there. PS- as far as pawn shops selling stolen goods- they are regulated by the police, you will need ID to pawn or sell an item there. Pawned items are checked by the police against a list of items reported stolen.

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