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Do praying mantises shed their skin?


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March 10, 2010 3:26AM

I can answer this, it happened to me before when I caught 2 Praying Mantis in a glass jar, this story might take awhile. I caught the 2 Praying Mantises and put them in a glass jar, put plastic wrap on the top and put the outside screw on thing on the jar, poked some holes at the top and let the jar sit in my garage for awhile. Like 1 or 2 weeks later, I found out one was gone, and the other one had left its skin in the jar and it was pretty white and that is how I know that Praying Mantis shed their skin.


Yes they do. They shed clear yellow brownish exoskeletons. And afterwards they nearly double in size. And regarding to the first answer, the mantis probably didn't disappear but got eaten by the other one since it was left in a container for 1-2 weeks without food.


Yes, mantises will shed their skins (exoskeleton) through out their lives...On average, they shed 7 times. You will see that they will not eat as much and also slow down 2-3 days before they shed. Then they will hang upside down and wiggle out of their shells. You will be surprised in the size difference!