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they do have flat fingernails

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Q: Do proboscis monkeys have flat fingernails?
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Do proboscis monkeys have strong hind legs?

yes, proboscis monkeys have stronger hind legs.

Where does proboscis live?

the proboscis monkeys live in swamps in Asia

Are proboscis monkeys endangered?

Yes. The proboscis monkey is assessed as endangered in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

When did proboscis monkeys go extinct?

they are not extinct yet.

What do Proboscis Monkeys eat?

They eat leaves and Fruit They also have the ability to digest poisonus food.

What is the reproduction of a proboscis monkey?

The male Proboscis Monkey is not only one of the largest monkeys in Asia but they are also one of the Proboscis Monkey Reproduction and Life Cycles.

Do proboscis monkeys hold hands?

yes they do hold hands

Are Proboscis Monkeys known for their big nose?

yes fool

How big are monkey's nose?

not all monkeys only a proboscis monkey

What is the proboscis monkeys natural habitat?

staying in the Boreo California Galapagos Island.

What are proboscishowlerspidermacaquemarmoset?

Proboscis, howler, spider, macaque, marmoset, are all species of monkeys.

Does a proboscis monkeys have four stomachs?

No. It's stomach does have 4 chambers though.