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yes the male will keep trying and rabbits have two uterine horns so she could have two litters of diff ages so u have to separate them before she has that happen

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No, if you mean can two female rabbits mate to become pregnant, they can't! A male and female must mate within the time that the female rabbit is 'on heat' for the female to become pregnant.

No rabbits do not come into heat and will mate at any time of the year. The only time a rabbit will not mate is if it is a pregnant female. They will actually mate 1hr after giving birth. However, this is not good for either the mum, or the litter she will still have with her and female rabbits can have periods if their not spayed(its pssiable)

yes they will. rabbits will do anything to mate(well at least males).males can make a female pregnant as early as 8 weeks old.

If a female rabbit doesn't mate with a male rabbit, technicly no. If she does however, it's possible.

Yes, they can. As odd as the notion is to us, rabbits will mate with any other rabbit they can find.

Yes, a cat can get pregnant from one mating. A female cat may continue to mate. The resulting litter may come from more than one father.

They can't. Rabbits reproduce sexually, so you need one female (carries the eggs) and one male (carries the sperm) to mate in order to get babies.

No it has to be 1 male and 1 female if it is 2 males or 2 females it won't work.

Maybe they day after the female is pregnant, but not after that. The female will not allow that.

no males can't mate with males unless they got a sex change. a male can mate with a female because ... yeah.

Male rabbits can mate with female rabbits of the same or different species, if you were to mate, say, a Netherland Dwarf with a Polish, then you would have hybrid baby bunnies, or "kits".

well it can but not if your female is pregnant coz the female wouldn't want to mate nd she would atack the male so if your female is pregnant separate them

Rabbits can mate at any time of the year. There is no specific set time, although it is more common to see young rabbits in the spring and summer months. In July. Other times rabbits mate are August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May and June. Rabbits give birth one month after mating and are ready to get pregnant almost instantly after birth.

A female rabbit is typically ready to mate at five months old. The male rabbit is not ready to mate until six months old.

hamsters require sexual intercourse to become pregnant, this requires a male/mate.

several things, they could mate and the female become pregnant, or the female refuses to mate and she will not become pregnant.

if your character is male, your mate gets pregnant in the second wolf quest; but if your character is female, you get pregnant with your mate in the second wolf quest.

Yes. A female hamster cannot become pregnant unless it mates with a male hamster.

Maybe but animals generally mate when the time is right for the female to get pregnant.

some rabbits do get under pressured when there is people watching them. some times it is better to turn your back on them or leave them in a cage together for the day and night ( if one of the animals share a cage then move that animal into another cage ) also if you took your rabbits inside then let them mate when you was not in the room that might also help, i am breeding my rabbits so i know how annoying it is when they don't get pregnant first time. good luck xx

So long as one is male and the other is female, then yes.

Unfortunately, female rabbits can get pregnant right after they give birth because they don't have cycles like most mammals. This is one of the many reasons for overpopulation of rabbits. Furthermore it is very unhealthy for a female rabbit to have several litters right after another. The safest time to allow your rabbit to mate is 7 months later when the doe has all her nutrients back in her.

Rabbits will mate at any time of the year, that is why you get the saying breed like rabbits.

She may not be ready to mate or she may already be pregnant.

first of all, you need a male and a female. a hamster comes into season every four days, so the only way to make sure they mate, you need to put them together for around ten minutes each night. if the female attacks the male, then she is not ready to mate. if you repeat this for four days, then you can be sure they have had the chance to mate, and be sure the female is pregnant. the female may not be pregnant, but this is very unusual. if you are unsure, then wait 18 days, as this is the average time the female is pregnant for till she gives birth. if she doesn't give birth, then mate her again.

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