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Do rabbits eat maize?



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Yes, rabbits love maize, also known as Indian corn. Rabbits both in the wild and captivity will happily nibble on corn when they can get it. However it is a grain, which is less digestible to rabbits, and also tends to be high in sugars, too much of which can make for a fat rabbit. So care should be given on how much corn is fed to your pet rabbit.

A small chunk of dried corn (aka maize) given about once a week as a treat should be fine. Given in this form to be nibble directly from the cob has the added benefit of helping to wear down your rabbit's teeth. You can even find commercially produced small corn-cob treats in many pet stores, which are meant to be tossed in the microwave and popped for bunny. Let it cool completely first, of course, and no butter and salt for it!