Do rockets pollute space

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Q: Do rockets pollute space
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Will rockets work in space?

Yes. The space shuttle uses rockets in space to manuever.

How does rockets aid in space exploration?

Rockets lift the astronauts into space to do their exploration.

Do rockets take animals to space?

yes rockets take animals to space

Do rockets carry people to space?

no, rockets carry equipment for people in space

How do rockets move in space?

rockets move with the control

What is the difference between space rockets and space shuttles?

space shuttles were made to be reusable, rockets were used only once

What rockets make it possible to travel into space?

electronic rockets

How does a spacecraft get into space?

It is propelled into space by rockets

Have space rockets exploded in space?

Yes they have.

Does rockets carry humans?

Many rockets that go into space do carry humans, but, most rockets do not.

Where do rockets go?

In the space

Where does rockets travel to?