Do satellites move fast in the sky?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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No they don't move fast in the sky

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Q: Do satellites move fast in the sky?
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Name and position of satellites are in the sky?

There are thousands of satellites; most of them change their position rather fast.There are thousands of satellites; most of them change their position rather fast.There are thousands of satellites; most of them change their position rather fast.There are thousands of satellites; most of them change their position rather fast.

How many satellites in sky?

about 3,000

Do the stars appear to move across the sky at nightime?

It is not definite that the objects that you saw is satellites, but there is a high percentage that they are. There are TV satellites and others as well. Not every single one of them are from one country though. I saw a ton of them last night and I was overjoyed to see such wonder. I thought they were planets or maybe comets but comets are much faster than the ones you saw and planets don't really move that fast ether. So the chance of them being satellites have increased even more! Hope I've answered your question. Check out other websites to confirm.

Is it possible to see artificial satellite in night sky?

Yes, that is often possible. Preferably go to an area without streetlights and watch the sky. You will soon see fast moving shiny objects. These are satellites.

Do satellites move?

ofcourse, they move.

Are satellites fast?

Yes, they are.

Why doun't satellites fall from the sky?

Interestingly enough the sattelites are doing their level best at falling from the sky. The whole idea is that at orbital velocity the objects move forward fast enough that they continously miss the Earth as they fall down. In the ideal case satellites are in orbit. This means that they circle the Earth at a specific speed and a specific height. Because satellites aren't in Earth's atmosphere nothing slows them down. If they did slow down it would reduce the height they orbit at. If the height were reduced they would encounter thicker air which would slow them down more, which would lower their height more. This cycle would continue until they crashed. In actuality the satellites do slow down very slowly because the air is not totally absent. Eventually all satellites will fall from the sky.

How can you tell that a star isn't a satellite?

Stars do twinkle--because of their immense distance, only one photon reaches us at a time, and if it is deflected by air currents, we see it blink. Satellites do not twinkle either, because they are even closer. Their brightness will also vary as the satellite changes its aspect to the sun as it orbits the earth. They do not have red and green blinking lights. Satellites do move, quite quickly. Low orbit satellites orbit the earth every 90 minutes to 2 hours, so they will actually cross the sky in minutes. Geosynchronous satellites are about 150 times farther away (23,000 miles) than low-orbit satellites, and typically are not visible to the naked eye at all. Stars, of course, do not move appreciably. In short, if you look up just for tonight: Stars: twinkle and don't move Satellites: don't twinkle and move like gangbusters.

How many satellites needed to get a position?

You need 4 to locate a position. There are 24 satellites in use in the sky with 8 spares.

How high are the sky broadcast satellites?

22,340 miles above the equator.

How many satellites cross the sky in 1 hour?

I think its about 50..

Is any kind of satellite stationary in the night sky?

Yes. There are many satellites that are geostationary. That is they remain fixed over the same relative position of the Earth. In the night sky, it would appear to not move in relation to the background stars and other stellar bodies.