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Q: Do satellites orbit the exosphere
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The is the layer where satellites orbit.?


Do the satellites orbit earth in the exosphere?

Yes that is true.

What layer of the atmosphere is satellites located?

If they are in the atmosphere (low earth orbit), satellites are in the ionosphere. If they are in higher orbits, satellites are considered to be outside the atmosphere.

Is the layer of the atmosphere where satellites and the space shuttle orbit the earth?


The is the layer of the atmosphere where satellites and the space shuttle orbit the Earth?


This layer is the outermost layer of the atmosphere satellites orbit the atmosphere in this layer?

Thermosphere and the exosphere

What happens in the exosphere layer?

This is a large band of the atmosphere above the Mesosphere and below the Exosphere. Temperatures can be quite high here, up to 1500'C. Satellites, including the International Space Station, orbit the earth in this region. Although there is not much gas this high, there is still a small amount that can cause some drag on these low orbit satellites, so they need a boost every now and then to keep in orbit. Aurora's (northern or southern lights) also occur here.

What does the exosphere do for earth?

Nothing. It has been recorded that gases are kept in a layer before trailing off into space, and this area was dubbed the exosphere. Some satellites orbit here.

What does the exosphere?

The exosphere's job is to hold satellites

In space how can our satellites travel so fast and look so fragile but not be damaged by drag or wind?

Satellites orbit in the thermosphere or exosphere where there is no wind and drag is negligible.

Do satellities orbit Earth in the exosphere?

No. If they did, air resistance would quickly slow them down and they would fall out of orbit. In order to be in a stable orbit, the satellites must be out of the atmosphere completely.

What part of the atmospheric layers is very thin?

The exosphere, which is the upper part of the thermosphere has the thinnest air. It is the area where satellites orbit the Earth.