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Do seals like dolphins?

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Seals and dolphins do not come into contact too often. They do not usually eat each other so you could say they like each other.

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Are dolphins related to seals?

Dolphins and seals are not related.

Are dolphins and seals mammals?


Do seals eat dolphins?

It is actually the other way around. Dolphins, along with Orcas and other carnivorous whales, eat seals regularly. Seals usually prey on fish.

If dolphins don't have legs then how do they move?

dolphins are aquatic mammals like seals, and sea lions. They have fins & a strong tail which they use to swim in water.

Mammals in the ocean?

whales dolphins seals

Are ocean animals mamels?

Ocean animals like whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and others are mammals.

Is an Orca an omnivore?

No.It eats seals not seals and plants. They are strictly carnivours as all other dolphins in the dolphin family since orca is the largest of the dolphins.

How do dolphins depend on great white sharks?

Dolphins may depend on sharks in an indirect way, in that seals and dolphins are competing for the same food source to survive, and sharks eat seals, therefore making it easier for dolphins to eat and thus, survive.

Are seals and dolphins examples of convergent evolution?


Do Chinese white dolphin eat seals?

Dolphins eat mainly fish. They would not eat seals.

What eats sardines?

sharks, whales, dolphins, sea birds, larger fishes like tuna, sea lions, seals

What Aquatic animals are not farmed?

Dolphins, seals, killer whales.

What animals are ocean predators?

Sharks, Dolphins, seals, etc

Why seals and dolphins go up to the surface of the water?

to get air

What are seals?

Seals are aquatic mammals that belong to the Mammalian superfamily Pinnipedia. This makes them closely related to sea lions and walruses and much more distantly related to whales, dolphins, and porpoises. "True seals" are recognizable by their lack of ears. Sea lions and fur seals have small ear flaps, but otherwise look very similar to seals. Seals typically eat a diet of marine invertebrates and small fishes. They also serve as food for sharks and large dolphins (like the orca).

Are trilobites related to the same group as today's dolphins whales and seals?

are trilobites related to dophins, whales, and seals

What are some examples of animals in competition?

Shark and whales for food...seals, small fish, dolphins. Are foods they BOTH like to eat

What can you do at Miami sea aquarium?

you can do a lot of stuff! like swim with the dolphins,watch shows, and go on rides and watch like whales and seals and stuff! :D

What are some animals in marine species?

Whales, dolphins,seals, fish.......

What mammal animal has no legs?

dolphins, whales, seals and sea lions

How do killer whales get their food?

They ambush things like penguins, seals and small dolphins. They charge headlong at them and either bash into them to stun or kill them, or they throw the smaller meals around to kill them. Also because of its sharp teeth it can rip and shred its enemies.An orca gets its food by sometimes crashing on ice to get peinguins or seals but can get its food in the water.

What biotic and abiotic plants live in the Atlantic ocean?

ok there are abiotic like temp and saltiness and the biotic are like dolphins, seals whales and sharks. alpacino with his will refills

What do killerwhales eat?

Fish, seals, penguins, other dolphins, even attack large whales, working together like a pack of wolves.

What is dolphins skin?

Dolphins do not have skin like we do, they have blubber like seals and whales. it is x20 thicker than land mammals and is made up of many small folds, which reduces water turbulance (resistance), which allows them to glide through the water easily.

What are some animals that live in the same place the dolphins live in?

Dolphins live in the ocean, as do seals, turtles, fish, squid, etc.

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