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Sharks do not urinate as most animals do. Sharks convert urine to urea; a toxic compound which is really converted ammonia. Urea is absorbed in the flesh of the shark and expelled through the skin. When a shark dies this urea is converted back to ammonia. That is why shark meat has a slight ammonia taste and smell.

"Cartilaginous fishes such as sharks, rays, and skates, have plasma that is approximately isosmotic to seawater. This unusually high osmotic concentration (compared to that of other vertebrates) is maintained by high levels of urea and trimethylamine oxide (TMAO) in the blood. In most vertebrates, levels of urea this high would damage proteins, but the presence of the TMAO helps to stabilize these protein molecules against the adverse effects of urea. Excess inorganic electrolytes, such as Na+ and Cl- which diffuse into the blood at the gills, are excreted by way of the kidneys and also by means of a special excretory organ called the rectal gland that is located at the end of the alimentary canal."
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Why do we urinate?

We urinate after we eat or drink because we absorb the vitamins and nutrients we can use and expel the rest. It also helps with regulating body temperature.

How and why do you urinate?

Urine is the body's way of eliminating fluid waste products. Urine contains waste or excess materials and toxic substances. Urine's main content is water. In fact 95 per cent of the urine excreted is water. The other major and common constituents are sodium - 0.4 per cent, ammonia - 0.05 per cent, p ( Full Answer )

What is a shark?

A shark is a fish and a cold-blooded vertebrate. A shark does not have fur, skin or hair, but fine scales called denticles. It breathes through gills rather than lungs, so therefore is a fish and not a mammal, bird or reptile. Sharks are fish that have a cartilaginous skeleton, gills slitsthat they ( Full Answer )

What is urination?

Urination is the release of urine, or liquid waste, from the kidneys. If you are male, your urine comes out of the penis; if you are female, you have a separate urinary opening - both of these are called the urethra.

How do you urinate?

The body has specific mechanisms for when the bladder will release urine, and how it releases urine. First, the brain is always in a "go ahead and go" setting for urination. When the brain turns off that mechanism (like switching to a "don't go" or neutral setting), that is when we can urinate. Se ( Full Answer )

What is urine?

Wastes the body doesn't need and dispels it out of your body in theform of a liquid it is also a watery fluid produced by the kidneysthat contains urea and other wastes

Why do you have to urinate?

Because When You Drink Liquids Such As Water, Juice Etc... You Tend To Use The Toilet, And That's Because When It Passes Through Your System E.G Stomach, Bladder, Kidneys, Intestines. It Desolves And Makes A Smelly, Yellow Liquid Called 'Urine' .

Do you have to urinate?

Yes, you must urinate. Urine is continuously produced in your kidneys and stored in your bladder, and you must empty your bladder from time to time.

Why do you urinate?

The urinary system is designed to get rid of the body's waste by-product, such as ammonias, sulfates, phosphates, and salts. It also helps with regulating body temperature.

What can a Shark do?

Sharks search the ocean looking for food. Attacks on people are extremely rare but do happen. Sharks find food by using small gelatinous filled pores in their noses to detect electrical waves given off by all living creatures.

What do sharks do?

Most sharks, look for prey, and most sharks wait for a surfer to come to him!

What is in urine?

Answer \n. \nUrine is a solution of metabolic wastes that contains urea , salts, and many different organic compounds.

A shark is?

A shark is a fish. It doesn't have scales, it has rough skin with tiny teeth on the skin called dermal denticles. It lived 400 million years ago, before the dinosaurs. Google the word shark for more info.\n\nFrom the shark expert girl, Sharkrazy.

What sharks do?

Sharks are very dangerous to be around unless a trainer is with them because they only listen to the people they are used to. Sharks have many layers of teeth the most seen is three rows. The sharks teeth are very sharp. To eat they capture stuff like little fish swiming in the ocean. Also be carefu ( Full Answer )

What does a shark do?

A shark never stops swimming because then it will sink. Other things include eating other fish and sleeping

What is a urinal?

It's a place for guys to pee. The standard commode allows either gender to sit down, but because guys have different plumbing, a smaller, or at least a "more convenient" fixtue can be put in so they can stand and pee. That fixture is the urinal..

What do shark do?

Sharks do a lot actually. Without sharks, our oceans would be disgustig and polluted. They are the vultures of the sea pretty much. They keep everyhting in balance and if we continue to kill them off, we will be in a world of chaos. THEY EAT PEOPLE!!!! THEY WILL EAT U!!!

What is a urine?

The fluid produced by the kidneys. It consists of excess water and the toxic waste products from food. .

A shark is a?

Shark master it is a shark is a tipe of fish. no it's not a shark is a huge fish with gills a long tail masive teeth and a missile type body so if you what to go out fishing in the ocean count me out bye !!!!!!!!!

What can smell of urine that is not urine?

The smell of urine you're referring to is probably the ammonia that it gives off when it's allowed to sit for a while, which is a product of putrefactive bacteria getting their hands on the nitrogen-rich liquid.. This is not specific to urine, it is produced by anything which provides the condition ( Full Answer )

What can sharks do?

Sharks can do many things actually. One of the Thousands of things they can do is bend their bodies to an extent that we can't. Cool huhh!

What is urine and what are the component of a normal urine?

Approx. 95% of the volume of normal urine is due to water . . The other 5% consists of solutes (chemicals that are dissolved in the water). Some of these solutes are the results of normal biochemical activity within the cells of the body. Other solutes may be due to chemicals that originated o ( Full Answer )

Are sharks more attracted to urine than to blood?

In answer to your, interesting question may i say, yes..they are! There is something in the urine that attracks the sharks and they feel as if they want to mate, but be careful because they may, start..well hubbahubbaring you! Written by MOEWELS222

Where do you urinate?

In the toilet. Although urination can occur anytime there is voluntary control and when the brain sends signals to the sphincters.

What does urine do?

It allows the body to expel waste in a liquid (solution) form from the body.

Why are you dribbling urine in your briefs after urinating?

\nMen have a longer ureter than do women, therefore, it is more difficult, and takes longer, to get the remaining drops of urine cleared out. In addition, as men age - and this process begins in the 20s - there is a natural atrophy and weakening of the pubococcygeus and ishiocavernosus musc ( Full Answer )

Why do you urinate semen while you are urinating?

This should only happen if you just had sex, and it is just you washing the leftover semen out of your urethra. Other than that, you shouldn't since your body has a means to prevent this. So you should contact a doctor if you are urinating semen at any other time than immediately after sex.

How do you get a shark?

2 sharks (male an female) fuke then pop, out pops a baby shark. your as thik as a two year old!!!!! . If you do not agree with my message then send spam and virus to

Why do you have sharks?

You have a shark in the ocean because they are the ones who clean the ocean and when there is dead fish then the sharks eat them. The sharks are at the top of the food chain and also control the fish population and seal and what ever they eat. In conclusion sharks are pretty important to our environ ( Full Answer )

What can sharks do to you?

If they choose to attack, they can kill you (Via drowning, crushed skull, bloodloss, etc), they can seriously injure you, or they can just give you a scrape on the arm, although this is unlikely if they are hunting and have managed to get that close. They can just swim past you too, if your not mak ( Full Answer )

Is a bala shark really a shark?

Technically no. A bala shark is just a small freshwater fish that somewhat resembles a shark.

Is shark urine cold?

sharks don't have a urinary tract. it is accumulated in the blood then secreted thought the skin. but if you want a yes or no answer. its no

Why are whale sharks sharks not whales?

1) Whales are mammals and do not have gills, they come to the surface to breathe. 2) Whale Sharks have gills and as other sharks receive oxygen through the water. 3) Whales sharks have the same cartilaginous skeleton structure as other sharks Tthe reason its called WHALE shark is because it i ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest shark after the whale shark?

List of top 3 largest sharks still alive 1. Whale shark at 25-46 FT (7.6-14 meters) 2. Basking shark at 20-26 FT But largest ever was 40.3 Ft! or 12.27meters! 3. Great white shark 26.2 FT

Why do sharks eat sharks?

The same reason bears eat fish and people eat candybars. Its all part of the circle of life and the food chain and all that. They eat each other to survive even if it is a little harsh eating your own species.

Is a basking shark a whale shark?

No it is a different species of shark. It still in hauls plankton like the whale shark, it is a bit smaller.

Are leopard sharks zebra sharks?

It depends. The zebra shark ( Stegostoma fasciatum) is a carpet shark that lives on reefs in warm water, but it is sometimes called the leopard shark. However, the leopard shark ( Triakis semifasciata) is a cold water species of houndshark.

What tends to have the lowest volume of urine production a sharks b marine bony fish c freshwater salmon d humans?

c. freshwater salmon Because some marine bony fish, mammals, and sharks produce large amounts of urine... Isn't it b? Since the marine environment is very dehydrating as it has a large amount of salts in it so the marine bony fish is hypo-osmotic compared to it's evironment. This means water will ( Full Answer )

How do sharks urine?

Sharks do not urinate as most animals do. Sharks convert urine to urea; a toxic compound which is really converted ammonia. Urea is absorbed in the flesh of the shark and expelled through the skin. When a shark dies this urea is converted back to ammonia. That is why shark meat has a slight ammonia ( Full Answer )

What if there is an urge to urinate without urination?

Many things can cause this depending on whether you are male or female. The bottom line is that you can not continue to have urinary retention or urgency without urination and not get a doctor's examination. Some of the causes may need immediate treatment, such as bladder infection, obstruction of t ( Full Answer )

Who is not a shark?

I am not a shark. . My boss is not a shark. . My high school principal was not a shark. . The Governor of Arkansas is not a shark. . The CEO of Wal-Mart is not a shark. . Spongebob Squarepants is not a shark. . Chevy Chase looked like a shark in 1975, but that was just acostume. . It would be ( Full Answer )

What is a shark-?

A shark is a long-bodied fish with a cartilage skeleton, prominentdorsal fin, and scales that are tooth-like.